Cibo a Venezia (Food in Venice)

I just wanted to dedicate a post to some of the deliciousness of Venezia…

The open air markets that display fresh, luscious produce…

italian market Cibo a Venezia (Food in Venice)

italian market 2 Cibo a Venezia (Food in Venice)

They open around 5pm on some of the main streets in Venice. It’s a beautiful sight.


fig gelato italy Cibo a Venezia (Food in Venice)

This is fig (ficchi) gelato from the other day. Today we went back to the same place and got yogurt gelato… Both of us prefer the yogurt; it’s slightly less sweet but it’s real, pure yogurty goodness that can only be found in Europe. The yogurt I’ve been having for breakfast is similarly incredible – you just can’t get yogurt like this in the US.


Have you ever been to Italy? Have you had true Italian gelato? Shopped at the Italian markets?

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