Belgian waffles with whipped cream

No recipe today, but a very pretty picture from “dinner”:

This is from Mate Factor, a small cafe in downtown Ithaca. Everything is free-range and organic and incredibly fresh. It’s the fluffiest whole-wheat waffle I’ve ever tasted. I didn’t even need the butter and syrup (but used some anyway…).

Bobby got a salmon bagel sandwich, which I won’t post since I’m trying to keep this blog strictly vegetarian. We also got a Blueberry Hill smoothie – always a good pick. We usually get their muffins, too, but after finishing that waffle I was pretty stuffed.

I’m not one to spurn breakfast food at dinnertime. In fact, I think everyone would benefit from the occasional pancake or waffle or French toast dinner! In France, omelettes are often served as the nighttime meal. “Traditional” breakfast foods can be very filling and I find that sometimes they’re too heavy to eat in the morning – I still want to enjoy them though, so I eat them later in the day.

Bobby and I spent this last weekend in New York to celebrate Auntie Jo’s birthday (Happy Birthday again, Auntie Jo!). We ate dinner at a nice Italian place called Enzo’s and I found many delicious vegetarian things 🙂 The mushrooms were especially good. I have pictures from breakfast the next morning with Tina and Bobby’s mom, so I’ll post them soon.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Korean restaurant down the street for our Valentine’s day dinner. It also happens to be my last meal in Ithaca before I leave for San Francisco… Then probably Tasti D-lite for dessert.

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