San Francisco Tea

Toffee Rooibos (left) and Japanese Cherry (right) teas!

Yesterday Mom and I went into San Francisco to see the city, find my new job (the Federal Reserve Bank), and just hang out. My building looks pretty cool – there are trees on the roof. There are Starbucks on every corner.

But, Mom and I decided to forego Starbucks in favor of something more local: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It was a small cafe with an emphasis on quality coffee and tea. They had a lot of choices, but I eventually decided on “Toffee Rooibos” (herbal, without caffeine) and Mom got “Japanese Cherry” (a green tea). I had mine with a bit of soy milk (yes, I’m really trying the vegan thing) and Mom added a bit of raw sugar to hers. We both liked the Toffee Rooibos best. They made the tea bag right there, with fresh tea leaves and a little sachet. Here’s a picture:

Rooibos tea comes from Africa and it is naturally sweet, without any added sugar or honey. I had it for the first time in my Emerging Markets class last year and I was hooked. The toffee flavor in this one really brought out the savory rooibos. Go out and try rooibos tea! It has lots of antioxidants, no caffeine, and you don’t need to sweeten it! It’s becoming common in most grocery stores and I’ve even seen Lipton rooibos tea bags, so it’s not hard to find.

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