What have I been eating?

I’ve been MIA the last few weeks due to a busy schedule and lots of visitors. But I have found time to take pictures of the food I’ve been eating! I haven’t cooked much, but here are some pictures of yummy things…

My sister Julia visited two weeks ago. Kettlecorn from the farmers’ market:

Lunch in Half Moon Bay. I got fruit salad and French toast; Julia got a veggieburger with fries.

Bobby visited this past week. We went to this amazing Japanese delicatessen called Delica rf-1 in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I got three delicious salads. The first, the bottom one in this picture, is a hijiki seaweed salad. I actually tried to recreate it today, so I’ll post my approximated recipe later. It had hijiki, mixed greens, soybeans, edamame, wolfberries (not sure what these were – they’re red), daikon, konnyaku, and some kind of fake meat. The salad on the left is spinach with a sesame dressing and lots of sesame seeds. The salad on the right was a burdock and lotus root salad – it had burdock, lotus root, mixed greens, carrots, celery, konnyaku, and white onion. This place is my new favorite restaurant. Everything was delicious.

Closeup of the burdock and lotus root salad:

We went to Ciao Bella for dessert and got sorbet and gelato. The gelato was pear and the sorbet was cinnamon!

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