Rice dessert

What is the best way to use up leftover rice? My sweetie, Bobby, would probably say fried rice. But I say always think of dessert – so I came up with an easy rice pudding/soup dish.

Rice Dessert

2 cups leftover rice
2 cups milk substitute (Almond milk is what I used, but soy would be good as well)
1/3 cup fruit juice – something sweet, like tamarind, guava, or cranberry
Sugar, to taste (optional)

Mix together rice, milk, and juice until the rice is no longer clumpy. Heat in a pan (or in the microwave) until hot. Serve with fresh fruit or alone. You can add sugar if you’d like; I didn’t think it needed it. The amount of milk you use depends on how soupy you want the dessert – more milk, more soupy; less milk, more like pudding.

Hope you enjoy it!

1 Comment on Rice dessert

  1. Celine
    6 April, 2008 at 11:21 am (8 years ago)

    it’s been too long since I’ve had rice pudding, must remedy that asap. what a beautiful, dreamy pic too.