Menu Plan Monday

Menu for week of May 5 – May 11

Dinner – Sauteed creamy leeks and whole wheat couscous
DessertGrilled Cinnamon Oranges

Dinner – Sauteed agretti with garlic, lemon and nuts
Dessert – Apples with nutella

Dinner – Bulgur breakfast
DessertFruit salad

Dinner – Something quick, possibly eating out – I have a math test and I’m moving!
DessertFruit salad

Dinner – Eating out in Mountain View (first night in the new apartment…)
Dessert – Gelato on Castro Street

Dinner – Leftovers
Dessert – Couscous cake?

Dinner – Baked oatmeal
Dessert – Oranges with nutella

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I think I’m going to make the agretti dish; D&D are bringing me veggies tonight and they mentioned that they might bring some of it. It’s usually eaten as a leafy green, and I’m pretty sure it needs to be cooked before you can eat it… Otherwise it might have a bit of a bite to it. We’ll see! I love trying new vegetables. I’m thinking I might submit to Weekend Herb Blogging if it comes out well; it would be my first time submitting.

My new lease in Mountain View starts on Thursday, so I will probably move stuff in on Thursday and stay at my current house that night, then move more stuff on Friday and spend the night there. On Thursday night I also have a math test for a tutoring job which would be in Cupertino, pretty close to Mountain View. The week will be hectic, but I’m excited for everything that’s going on.

I also have a meeting to go to on Tuesday night for Quaker meeting – I’m going to try to get involved in some green projects to keep myself busy. I spoke to a woman at meeting today about teaching and possibly getting a masters. Being a speech specialist sounds like it has potential – I’ve always been interested in linguistics, and I probably should have majored in it for undergrad. Languages are so complex and interesting and I love learning how to analyze them and watching their evolution. It’s pretty awesome, actually.

I’m also going to try to find some time this week to make a couscous cake for that contest that’s going on… And I wanted to try having bulgur for breakfast instead of oatmeal.

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