Menu Plan Monday

Last week was okay, menu-wise. The cauliflower turned out well, so I’ll post that recipe soon. The Asian greens were terrible. They were quickly composted. The baked oatmeal was quite yummy. I also had papaya salad on Thursday for lunch, so that was a nice treat.

Menu for week of May 19 – May 25

This week I’m leaving for Ithaca on Tuesday, so my menu planning will be a little bit off. I’m probably going to be eating out for nearly every meal, so instead of planning out my menu I’m going to list some of my favorite restaurants that I want to go to one last time. We also want to have a BBQ one day, so that should be fun.

Tomorrow night I’ll be having leftover Bi Bim Bap from tonight that I got at a new Korean BBQ restaurant on Castro Street. I also had a banana walnut sorbetto at a local gelateria. I had one yesterday, too. Yes, I splurged. But it was soooo worth it.

Favorite Restaurants:

Four Seasons (Korean, I always get Bi Bim Bap)
Vietnamese Restaurant (I get the shredded cabbage salad with tofu)
Plum Tree (Japanese, I get the Sukiyaki)
Mate Factor Cafe (all around good food. everything is sustainable and their meat is all free-range and organic. too many amazing dishes to list, but here are some of my favorites: belgian waffle with whipped cream, freshly baked muffins, peanut butter banana and honey sandwich, garden salad with house dressing & freshly baked bread.)

their belgian waffle:

their salmon bagel sandwich (Bobby’s fave):

Sticky Rice (Thai and Laotian food, we’ll probably get papaya salad and Pad See Ew)
ABC Cafe (vegetarian, I have no idea what I’ll get because they have everything from breakfast food to veggie burgers to fantastically delicious desserts. I’ll keep you posted.)
Aladdin’s (Mediterranean, I’ll probably get their Roman Salad with apples and goat cheese)

And for dessert:

Collegetown Candy and Nuts, for Tasti-Delite
Pacific Cafe, for a cookie sundae with strawberry ice cream
Purity Ice Cream, for (you guessed it) unique flavors of local ice cream

I will also hit up the Ithaca Farmers’ Market for some fresh oatmeal and other goodies.

Head over to Organizing Junkie for more menu plans!

I can’t believe this is the last time I’ll be in Ithaca until… who knows when. It will be good to see everyone but at the same time, a bit sad. When I left back in December I knew I would see everyone again at graduation, but now I have no idea when and if I will ever see some of these people again.

My brother and his girlfriend are coming up on Saturday night so that they can see Bobby’s graduation on Sunday morning. Then we’re all going to P’s for a party after the ceremony, and on Monday Rob, his GF, Bobby, and I are all heading back to Jersey. Bobby’s and my flight leaves Philly Tuesday night. Then we’ll be in California for good. Wow.

Rob really wants to take his GF to Mate. It is so good. If you’re every in Ithaca, try it out. It’s not vegetarian, but all of their food is organic and all of their meat is free-range. They are the kindest people and it’s just a great atmosphere. All of their food is locally grown and everything is made in the cafe, including the breads and baked goods.

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  1. wow i am impressed, i just started reading your blog and saw today’s post about menu planning… do you really plan out all your meals for the week? i need to check out that organizing site! have a safe trip!!!

  2. hi! i just found your blog as i was reading some of the comments on KathEats…i got really excited to see Ithaca! I go to Cornell and from the looks of the restaurants you’ve listed (i LOVE aladdins!) it looks like you will be in this area! What a small blogging world!

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