Day 2 in Ithaca (Thursday)

Yesterday we hit two more of my favorites. For lunch we went to Aladdin’s, the mediterranean restaurant near our apartment. I love the food there; they have so many options for everyone.

I got a falafel salad:

It came with tahini-yogurt dressing which is AMAZING. I love this dressing. I always ask for dressing on the side, and this one is the only one that I ever actually finish! The salad came with 3 falafels (chickpeas are wonderful, aren’t they?), scallions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and sprouts. It was delicious. I had one of the pitas that came on the side, but they weren’t that fresh so I didn’t finish the others.

Bobby got a chicken pita with chips:

It came with tomatoes, a little bit of parmesan cheese, a few onions (he ordered minimal onions) and more tahini-yogurt sauce! Though I don’t eat meat, I think this was a good choice for him and he certainly enjoyed it 🙂

After lunch we played laser-tag in downtown Ithaca. I had never played before and wasn’t sure what to expect… but it was so fun! I wasn’t very good at all, but it was exciting and a fun way to exercise. Bobby was pretty sweaty after our 3 rounds; I wasn’t, but I don’t think I got as into it as he did.

For dinner we went to Mate Factor Cafe, the organic/local/natural place that has those amazing Belgian waffles. You order at the counter and they give you a laminated paper with a picture of fruit on it so they can remember where to bring the food. We were bananas:

I did not end up getting a waffle, but I did get a “Peanut Butter Banana & Honey” sandwich on whole wheat bread with some coleslaw on the side. It was oozing peanut butter and I actually wiped some of it off, because it was a little overpowering – but I do love this combo. The coleslaw was great as well – not a lot of mayo, and very fresh.

Bobby and I split a fresh raspberry muffin, toasted and buttered, as well as a blueberry hill smoothie:

And Bobby got what he usually gets – a bagel with salmon, tomatoes, and sprouts.

Everything was fresh and delicious and if you’re ever in Ithaca you should definitely try this place. The inside is beautifully decorated with wooden booths and tables, various plants that wind their way around the room, and even a real fireplace that burns cheerily in the winter. They play relaxing, sort of hippie-ish and nature-y music. They sell various teas, coffees, and sweeteners online at and they also sell soaps and other body products that can also be found online at, their local organic farm.

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  1. mmh. I’ve always wanted to try falafel, but never have. I love chickpeas..maybe someday I’ll get the courage.

    Are you in Ithaca, NY? I grew up near Syracuse

  2. downhomedieting – Yep, I’m in Ithaca! I went to school here but graduated back in December. I’m back visiting for all of my friends’ graduation. The area is really beautiful.

  3. Those felafel balls look really amazing. crisp and round and firm..mine never look that good.

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