Day 3 in Ithaca (Friday) – Dinner

We decided to go to Aladdin’s again, but this time for dinner on Friday. Bobby is friends with the waitress and we got a free appetizer: hummus and pitas. There were tomato slices, cucumbers, and an olive, but I ate most of them before I remembered to take a picture. The hummus at Aladdin’s is fresh and light and delicious.

For my entree I got the “Fruit and Nut Salad”, which is a huge bowl of fruits topped with yogurt, granola, walnuts, and honey. It’s the perfect dinner and you don’t need dessert afterwards to satisfy a sweet tooth (though we did end up getting dessert anyway). I usually ask for no honey and no nuts, but this time I forgot to leave off the nuts and got A TON of walnuts. I didn’t actually have many of the walnuts; they’re so filling.

Bobby was quite envious of the “Falafel Salad” that I got the other day so he decided to order that for his entree – the large size.

We also got a free dessert – we chose the “Chocolate Mousse”. We chose it because it looked smaller than the rest of the desserts, but when we got it we knew why – it’s the richest of them all. They use Godiva chocolate and it was quite decadent. A bit too sweet and rich for me, but we did enjoy it.

Bobby’s graduation is tomorrow and I’m currently waiting for my brother and his girlfriend to arrive. Unfortunately they left the concert (Flaming Lips) pretty late and probably won’t get in until 3-4am. I may end up sleeping next to my cell and picking up once they arrive.

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  1. have a great time at the graduation…

    that fruit & nut salad looks really good… what a great option on the menu! i wish more restaurants had stuff like that!

  2. loveofoats – thanks 🙂 it was fun. i actually got the salad again for lunch today… it’s soooo good.

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