Menu Plan Monday

Bobby’s family is visiting this week – they get in on Tuesday night. We’ll be taking them out to various restaurants, so not too much home cooking this week – but we’ll be sure to use our CSA veggies that come on Wednesday.

Menu for the week of June 9 – June 15

Dinner – Veggie nachos – blue corn chips & regular tortilla chips with guacamole (CSA avocado!), chopped tomatoes, beans, onions, mango salsa, ground fake meat, and cheese on Bobby’s half
Dessert – Frozen berries & TJ’s vegan trail mix cookies (these are so good! product review to come)

Dinner – Bulgar salad with avocado, beans, edamame, corn, green apples, and mangoes
Dessert – Bananas w/peanut butter OR sliced mango

Dinner – Something with CSA veggies for Bobby’s family – a stir-fry or maybe pasta
Dessert – Mangoes

Dinner – Bobby’s Birthday! Eating out in Mountain View.
Dessert – Gelayo Gusto?

Dinner – Eating out in Mountain View
Dessert – @ the restaurant, or fresh fruit @ home

Dinner – Eating out in Mountain View
Dessert – @ the restaurant, or fresh fruit @ home

Sunday (Fathers’ Day)
Dinner – Eating out – Bobby’s dad can choose!
Dessert – Bobby’s dad’s choice 🙂

Check out more menu planning fun over at Organizing Junkie! Try it yourself – we need more veggie weekly menus!

I’m headed out to Safeway for a few choice items – cilantro, red peppers, broccoli for snacking, lettuce, and green apples. Maybe lemons or limes 🙂

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  1. Mmm I like that bulgur salad idea. The combination sounds great. I just discovered the wonders of bulgur, so I’ll be trying your idea :o)

  2. chocolatecoveredvegan – I made it last night! I ended up putting in avocado, edamame, corn, mangoes, cilantro, and lime juice. Unfortunately the avocado wasn’t quite ripe, but it was perfect besides that 🙂 I’ll post the recipe soon… Work and life is so crazy and I need to set aside more blogging time.

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