Menu Plan Monday

I just got Skinny Bitch in the Kitch AND Vegan with a Vengeance from Amazon! This week is going to be awesome.

Menu for the Week of June 16 – June 22

Dinner – CSA collard greens, TJ’s beef-less strips, and tortillas
Dessert – Homemade cinnamon-sugar crackers

Dinner – Tofu Scramble from VwaV
Dessert – More cinnamon-sugar crackers

Dinner – Mango Ginger Tofu from VwaV
Dessert – TJ’s inspired trail mix cookies (I still have to concoct this recipe…)

Dinner – Waldorf Bulgar Salad (inspired by SBitK)
Dessert – Perhaps rice pudding, from VwaV

Dinner – Eating out
Dessert – Gelayo Gusto?

Dinner – Eating out
Dessert – Fruit!

Dinner – Leftovers!
Dessert – Fruit!

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  1. Ooh you lucky girl! I love getting new cookbooks. The mango-ginger tofu sounds especially yummy.

  2. I know! I’m so excited. I read both of them this weekend and marked down a bazillion recipes 🙂

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