Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan for the Week of June 23 – June 29

Monday – breakfast for dinner!
Dinner – Fruit salad & yogurt with raisins and nuts; Pasta for Bobby 🙂
Dessert – Fresh watermelon (from TJ’s – it’s amazingly juicy)

Dinner – Veggie curry with broccoli, carrots, and TJ’s Beefless strips + Rice/couscous
Dessert – Frozen blueberries

Dinner – Crabcakes and curry rice/couscous
Dessert – New vanilla soy ice cream 🙂

Dinner – Summery bulgar – OJ and lemon juice will be involved; also a side salad with CSA veggies
Dessert – Fruit from CSA + Cookies…

Dinner – Minty couscous salad with carrots & apples, plus basil
Dessert – Finishing off more fruit…

Dinner – Leftovers or eating out
Dessert – Gelayo Gusto

Dinner – Leftovers or eating out
Dessert – Cookies 🙂

More great menus can be found at Organizing Junkie!

I’m excited for this week’s plan – I have a bunch of new ideas and I’m looking forward to experimenting. I’m finally getting the hang of working and managing to keep up with the rest of my life. To be honest, cooking dinner after I get home from work each day keeps me sane. I have yet to make that Waldorf Salad from last week’s plan (we ended up having leftovers instead), so I might make that as a lunch this week. Don’t worry, the recipe is coming! I hope to give you lots of posts with recipes this week, so stay tuned 🙂