Goodeats for 8/20/2008

As promised, I had some blueberries last night:

 Goodeats for 8/20/2008And then today I had…

  • apple cinnamon oatmeal
  • 1 banana


  •  Goodeats for 8/20/2008panzanella was huge (bread crumbs, tomatoes, basil, salt&pepper, buttermilk)


  • 2 cups of blueberries, a few strawberries
  • quaker oatmeal raisin bar
  • small handful of cashews


  • Shrimp and calamari stir-fry (shrimp, calamari, carrots, peppers, nectarine, and celery with tonkatsu sauce)
  •  Goodeats for 8/20/2008Tomato salad (heirloom tomatoes, salt&pepper, asian dressing)
  •  Goodeats for 8/20/2008Cauliflower & honey dijon dip

 Goodeats for 8/20/2008

  • Nectarine with TJ’s greek yogurt

 Goodeats for 8/20/2008The nectarines are amazing, so I might have another one later. Goodnight!

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