Goodeats for 8/22/2008

Today my meals were…


  • apples&cinnamon oats (I had a late breakfast, and knew I would be eating lunch early, so I kept it simple)

Lunch: (we get free lunch on Fridays at my company)

  • 1/2 turkey, tomato, and lettuce sandwich on white bread (I took off one piece of the bread and a few slices of turkey – it was huge!)
  • 1 cup of fruit… multiplied by 2 🙂
  • salad with 1-2 teaspoons of dressing (lettuce, shredded carrot, corn, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, a few beans)
  • 1 can of diet pepsi MAX (this is my guilty pleasure – I know diet soda is terrible for you)


  • Another plate of salad with some turkey from the leftover sandwiches – this salad is great! It has peas, carrots, chickpeas, black beans, artichoke hearts, corn, scallions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and probably lots of other things that I’m forgetting.
  • Another can of diet pepsi MAX (whoops)

Dinner: (out with Bobby at Kabul, an Afghan restaurant on El Camino)

  • Salad with yogurt-y dressing
  • Charbroiled veggies (peppers, onions, tomatoes)
  • Shrimp kebab (I gave two shrimp to Bobby. I had one bite of the rice and didn’t touch the bread – all white carbs, which never fill me up and aren’t worth it.)
  • Bobby’s chicken kebab, which I had 1.5 pieces of

Will probably have a snack-dessert later. Good night!