Goodeats for 8/23/2008

And now for today’s eats…

Breakfast: (around noon)

  • 3 waffles with some leftover strawberry light yogurt
  •  Goodeats for 8/23/2008bite of Bobby’s Morningstar sausages

Lunch: (around 4pm)

  • Raw seafood salad – tuna, salmon, and some kind of fish eggs over greens with asian dressing & a hard boiled egg
  •  Goodeats for 8/23/2008a bunch of dried seaweed

 Goodeats for 8/23/2008Snack: (around 6pm)

  • raw cauliflower & peppers with my own version of goddess dressing
  •  Goodeats for 8/23/2008goddess dressing ingredients: TJ’s greek yogurt, soy sauce, sesame oil, lemon juice, oregano, chili powder, apple cider vinegar, salt – I have no idea how much of each, I just add and mix icon smile Goodeats for 8/23/2008

Dinner: (around 8pm)

  • fruit salad (snacked on this while cooking, too – 1 whole nectarine, 1/2 banana, blueberries, and fresh lime juice)
  •  Goodeats for 8/23/2008stir-fry – I had maybe 1.5 times or double what you see here (carrots, celery, nectarine, peppers, onions, with tonkatsu sauce – Japanese)
  •  Goodeats for 8/23/2008bite of chicken “karaage” (Japanese) – delicious, as most Japanese food is

 Goodeats for 8/23/2008Dessert:

  • homemade banana bread! I had one piece, and so did Bobby. I made up my own recipe, which will be posted shortly, either here or on my other blog. There are only about 75 calories per slice of this. At work we get free snacks, and sometimes they over-order on things that go bad – like bananas. I walked out of work yesterday with 2 huge bunches – one went straight into the freezer, and the other went in the fridge. I used up 4 of them with this bread but there are still 3 left in the fridge, plus the 2 I already had, plus the ones in the freezer! I will be be eating a ridiculous amount of bananas in the next few days.
  •  Goodeats for 8/23/2008Will probably have some blueberries later if I get hungry again!

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