Goodeats for 8/24/2008

Today’s eats so far –

  • lots of sampling of fruits/veggies/dips/etc… at the farmers’ market – all delicious
  • 1/2 cup of TJ’s greek yogurt with 2 nectarines, plus some mint chutney
  • very small sliver of banana bread
  • handful of grapes

On my to-do list for today –

  • wash
  • clean the apartment – mostly done (I love my Dyson)
  • possibly go hiking with Bobby and Griff and another person from Msoft
  • go to Borders/B&N/the library to get some new books
  • figure out dinner

At the farmers’ market I got the following for a total of $6:

  • 1 huge eggplant ($1)
  • a huge bag of green beans ($1)
  • 2 heads of romaine lettuce ($2)
  • a huge bag of carrots (probably 8-9) ($1)
  • 2 peppers (one green, one yellow) ($1)

Plus I got 7.5 pounds of nectarines and grapes for $1/pound. Bobby bought more chutney (cilantro this time), and we got some fresh bread and 2 heirloom tomatoes. I love going at the end of the market to get those incredible deals.