The rest of 8/24/2008

Before we went out for dinner I snacked on a few more grapes and had a bite of a roll that Bobby was having. For dinner we went to Pho Nam Restaurant (Vietnamese) on El Camino right past the Toyota dealership. I got…

  • Spring rolls (shrimp, pork, lettuce, and rice noodles wrapped in rice paper) – I had one of these, dipped in the peanut sauce
  • Shrimp vermicelli (rice noodles, lettuce, shrimp, carrots, peanuts, cilantro, and fish sauce) – I ate pretty much all of it; there weren’t too many noodles tonight
  • some pieces of beef from Bobby’s pho (unpictured)

I’m currently eating some delicious farmers’ market grapes for dessert:

After dinner we went to Borders where I picked up two cookbooks – one is just called Vietnamese Cooking ($2.99!), and I also got the Sonoma Diet book ($4.99) which looks like it has lots of good recipes and probably some interesting nutrition info. Hope you all have a good night!