Goodeats for 8/30/2008

So much hummus and baby carrots today. I got a humongous bag of organic baby carrots and 2 huge tubs of hummus from Costco, so they will be my snack of choice until I’m out of them. Today was a grazing day, so not everything I ate is included here.

I may also start keeping track of my exercise – this morning I did a 40 minute video called “Perfect Pilates – the 20-20 Method”. I was doing 100’s and rollups when Bobby woke up and tried to join me 🙂


  • frozen berries (thawed) – about 3/4 cup
  • TJ’s greek yogurt – close to a cup’s worth
  • cinnamon


  • various samples at Costco – chicken salad, chicken links, mushrooms, a bit of a Fiber1 bar, and other things that I’m not remembering…
  • salad with iceberg mix, shredded carrots, chopped beans, and chopped peppers and Newman’s Own lowfat sesame ginger dressing
  • lots and lots of baby carrots with Sabra hummus (original and garlic flavors)


  • 2 Brothers-All-Natural freeze dried fruit packs – strawberry banana and fuji apple


  • wild Ahi tuna steak with an organic poultry rub (also from Costco)
  • more iceberg salad mix with shredded carrot and green peppers tossed with ginger dressing from an Asian supermarket
  • Brussels sprouts, apples, onions, and green beans – Brussels and beans were steamed, apples and onions were sauteed in a smidge of sesame oil, then I added apple cider vinegar and the steamed veggies and sauteed for a few more minutes – delish!

Just for fun – some of the goodies that we got from Costco!

  • wild Ahi tuna steak (~22 ounces at $9.99/pound)
  • Brothers-All-Natural freeze-dried fruit packs
  • huuuuuge bag of baby carrots
  • Sabra hummus
  • huuuuuge bag of iceberg salad mix ($1.99)
  • double size (4 cups) of fage 0% ($6.99!!!)
  • huge tub of almond butter ($7)
  • eat, pray, love (the book – so far it’s great)
  • poultry rub
  • 8 ciabatta rolls ($4.50)
  • giant bottle of vanilla extract
  • Talking Rain Fusion drinks – sweetened with sucralose unfortunately, but they taste incredible. Bobby’s office offers them for free.

I think we just made up for the $50 membership fee in one day’s worth of shopping. With the amount of Fage we eat, I could probably save at least $50 in a year. Any suggestions for ways to buy in bulk and not let food go to waste? There were so many things that I wanted to buy, but I felt like we just didn’t have the room for them. Organic, free-range, antibiotic-free chicken sausage links – but you have to buy 21 at a time! I think we are going to get them eventually; I had some samples and they were delicious.

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  1. Yum! I love baby carrots and those apple/asian pear crisps from Costco. I got a big box last time I was there.

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