Goodeats for 9/2/2008

As expected, I had some munchies after my post last night.


  • medium apple with <1 teaspoon almond butter
  • baby carrots and hummus
  • 1/2 banana oat muffin

Today’s eats:


  • apples&cinnamon oats
  • 1 fresh nectarine


  • leftover jap chae
  • iceberg mix + tomato + mint chutney salad
  • 1 apple (sorry, the pic is of a nectarine – I took it this morning when I packed my lunch)
I went for an hour-long walk at lunch – it’s always around 3 miles. Today is rather hot so I got a bit sweaty. I’m looking forward to fall. I usually love the colors and sights and smells, but I’m worried that it will be different here. Or rather, not different enough from summer.


  • Dannon light and fit yogurt (last one, I’m not buying non-greek yogurts anymore and I just had to use up what I had already)
  • 1 Clif Z-bar (chocolate brownie) – these are so good!
  • an apple a little after 6pm
I had a choir audition tonight, so I had to eat a late dinner. Bobby had band practice so he was on his own as well. He ended up stopping at In-N-Out, which I would never go to – he said it was a great opportunity to get food that I would never ever go for.
  • stir-fry with TJ’s chicken-less strips, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, served over lettuce
  • lots of baby carrots and hummus (I had another bowl after this one)


  • 4 banana oat muffins (86 cals x 4 = 344 cals total) – I took the pic of 3, but decided to have another one… I want Bobby to come home soon and finish the last two so that I don’t inhale them – they are too good!

I think the audition went well; I guess I’ll find out soon enough. My stomach (or just my mouth?) is telling me that I want something more, but I think it’s lying. I’m gonna hold off for now but maybe have a piece of fruit or a bite of scone later. Good night!