Who Am I?

Who am I?  My name is Maggie and I live in Mountian View, CA.  I’m a software engineer at a small start-up and I love my job.  I graduated from Cornell last December and moved out here in February…

After blogging for almost 9 months about the recipes that I’ve created (over at je le vous dirais), I have seen (and subscribed to) so many food blogs from some incredibly creative people.  I found different niches – and though I started as a recipe-blogger, I found myself drawn to the food-diary blogs.  My favorite is of course KathEats.com, but I have many many more on my list.

I’ve struggled with eating habits over the past few years – gaining about 20 pounds freshman year of college (not to mention getting terrible stress acne) left me rather traumatized.  At the end of sophomore year I took control of my unhealthy habits and started losing weight.  I ended up losing more than I had planned on and got quite skinny.  I’m still skinny, but I’ve put on a few pounds since then.  I’ve settled into a weight that’s close to my high school weight (yayy, I can wear so many of my old clothes!), and I feel great.

I’m tall, so I have to eat a lot to stay healthy – but (pretty much) everything I put in my mouth I feel good about.  I eat whole foods, like oatmeal and tons of fruits and veggies.  I like to snack, but I’m trying to get out of the habit of mindless eating.  Snacking on baby carrots won’t do the same things that snacking on peanut m&m’s will, but the principle is the same – why am I eating if I’m not actually hungry?

My favorite type of cuisine is Asian, so you’ll see me eating a lot of Asian food.  Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend (Bobby) who loves Asian food possibly more than I do (his Mom is Japanese and taught him to love so many exotic foods, including natto – yuck).  He’s supportive and caring and I don’t know where I’d be without him.  I’m not a big fan of most carbs (I don’t like rice; I hate pasta), but since I love oatmeal and fruit, I try to get most of my carbs through them.  And I’m also a sucker for delicious whole-grain breads.

So this is my food-journal/diary blog.  Bear with me as you will probably see that my eating habits are sometimes weird, sometimes normal, but always (I hope) interesting!

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  1. Well very cool…another wonderful journey to follow:) I found you through Katheats and look forward to following your blog.

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