Goodeats for 9/10/2008

I got up early again this morning to do cardio yoga with Tom Morley (20 minutes). If you have ExerciseTV OnDemand, I highly recommend this video.

After yesterday I’ve decided I’m going to make a concerted effort to eat more during the day. I’m getting enough calories in total, but I’m shoving them all in at night, and it just makes me feel sick and often I’m still full when I wake up! I love waking up hungry for my oats, so I’m really going to try this different routine. I need to eat more during the day, and less at night. Let’s see how it goes…


  • apples&cinnamon oats
  • 1 apple

I took an hour-long walk after lunch today – I was going to go before, but I was too hungry by the time I wanted to go so I ate first instead.

  • 1/2 turkey, onion, mustard sandwich on big slice of WW
  •  Goodeats for 9/10/2008peppers, romanesco, mushrooms, baby carrots with hummus (carrots were in a different container)
  •  Goodeats for 9/10/20081 pear
 Goodeats for 9/10/2008Snack:
  • baby carrots with hummus
  •  Goodeats for 9/10/20081 nectarine
Dinner: (Korean – Roll House on El Camino in Santa Clara)
  • Hwe Dup Bap (raw tuna and raw fish eggs on top of egg, lots of veggies, and rice – I don’t eat the rice) – topped with spicy sauce
  •  Goodeats for 9/10/2008Side dishes – kimchee, potato waldorf salad, potato things that I didn’t eat, and pickled daikon (takuan). The waldorf salad had a really heavy dressing, but I had a good amount anyway – it’s always too good to pass up.
  •  Goodeats for 9/10/2008miso soup (and Bobby’s too)

 Goodeats for 9/10/2008Snacky:

  • baby carrots and hummus (what else?)

I think today was okay, eating-wise – I was at work until 8-something and was so busy that I didn’t have time to snack. I think the only reason that I snack during the day and at night is because I’m bored. Have a good night!

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