Goodeats for 9/14/2008

This morning I did Fitness Fusion Yoga with Angie Stewart – 45 minutes, and quite a workout – but I still like the Tom Morley video better.

Then Bobby and I walked a mile to the farmers’ market. I got cauliflower, peppers, and big bag of summer squash – for $4! I also got 7.25 pounds of nectarines for $7. I love those end-of-market specials. Bobby also picked up raspberries, some bread, and heirloom tomato salsa – those were not on sale 😉

While we were there I had:

  • lots of fruit samples
  • 1 sugar plum – so good! Very few plums have non-bitter skin, but sugar plums fall into that category.

After we walked back I made … lunch? It was around 1:15, so I guess that can’t really be considered breakfast.


  • 1 humongous white nectarine
  • 3/4 cup Fage 0%
  • 2 teaspoons cilantro chutney

On the weekends I absolutely love to indulge in very fresh fruit and yogurt – this combo makes a great breakfast/snack/lunch for me, and I can’t get enough.

Later today we’re going to Costco for baby carrots, salad mix, canned crab (if they have it, otherwise I’ll get some canned tuna and/or salmon), and a few more veggies and random things. I’m hoping to get a menu plan up for the rest of the week – I need to get back into that habit.

2 Replies to “Goodeats for 9/14/2008”

  1. Yay for yoga! Best exercise ever–it’s mellow enough that I don’t get freaked out at the mere thought, and yet intense enough that I don’t fall asleep 😀

    And it’s really cool that you’re in choir! What part do you sing? I’m a fellow choir nerd XD

    Also–the lunch looks pretty! So that’s what chutney looks like!

  2. I’m a Soprano I or II, whatever they need more of 🙂

    The chutney was so good! From the farmers’ market.

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