More eats for 9/21/2008

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After all of our errands, we were starving.


  • cauliflower and 1.5 carrots (this is a dinner plate, so it was lots of veggies)

  • broccoli

  • hummus (of course)

I made dinner with the delicious butternut squash that Bobby brought home for me last week.  The recipe will be up soon.


  • cherry tomatoes from our balcony
  • butternut squash and carrot dish (plus 2nds)
  • 1 cup of greek yogurt, topped with leftover peanut sauce from last night


  • nectarine! (yes, that is Eat, Pray, Love in the background)

  • cauliflower with hummus (a good bit more than pictured!)

9 Replies to “More eats for 9/21/2008”

  1. HangryPants – I do love it, so far. I’m about halfway through. I took a few years of Italian through college and I just love the language, so I was hoping I would love the book, even though it was so mainstream!

  2. Oh let me know how “the shred” is…I’ve heard of that workout before and so many positive things about it!
    Peanut sauce is sooooo good!! I’ve made it before…pretty easy but lots of different stuff in it. I think the one I made was Ellie Krieger’s chicken satay and peanut sauce.

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