01 October 2008

Bobby’s in Redmond, WA (near Seattle) today and tomorrow for a business trip.  I miss him!  Today was Vegetarian Day; I tried, but forgot at lunch 🙁

Simple breakfast:

  • apple & yogurt

Lunch with coworkers: (this pic is not from today)

  • Papaya and Shrimp salad (I forgot about veggie day – darn it!) – shredded papaya, some mango, cilantro, lots of mint, some onion crispies, lots of shrimp, shredded carrot, topped with fish-sauce dressing and some hoisin sauce!

  • 1 juicy plum back at the office

I tend to undereat when we go out, because most dishes at restaurants are packed with unnecessary calories; I try to make up for it after I get back to the office.  This is why I like to make my own food – I know what I’m eating and I can make sure that it tastes great but is still good for me and portioned properly!


  • la tortilla factory WW wrap (80 calories, 8 grams protein, 12 grams fiber, 3 grams fat)
  • another plum (I have a bunch)

Dinner: (no Bobby so I’m going veggie-crazy!)

  • another big stir-fry – carrot, pumpkin, okra, broccoli, onions, tonkatsu sauce, and soy sauce – then I topped it with organic ketchup – yummy!


  • 1 peach, 1 cup Fage 0%, cinnamon, splash of vanilla, splash of honey
  • added about 2 cups of bran flakes after the pic (wasn’t going to have this much, but I figured I might as well add the last 1/2 cup to finish them off)

5 Replies to “01 October 2008”

  1. You won my tea giveaway!

    I haven’t uploaded my post yet, I’ll do that around 10. If you email me your address at biz319@yahoo.com, I’ll ship them off.

    Hope you’ll like the flavors!

  2. the shrimp salad looks amaaazing. just like something i would adore. and it says above that you won a tea give away – woop!

  3. That’s a good rule to live by at restaurants! It’s just easier to make your own stuff most of the time, isn’t it?

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