Eats for 9/30/2008

Last night there was an issue with my hosting (well, actually with Comcast) so I was unable to post – so here are yesterday’s eats…

I can’t believe September is over already.  This year is absolutely flying.  I was/am still sick, so no morning workout.

Breakfast: (no pic, but you’ve seen it before)

  • chopped nectarine, Dannon 0% plus (peach), cheerios


  • 1 fresh plum

After my snack I did decide to go for a walk – walking makes me feel better when i’m sick!  I firmly believe in healing with light activity, lots of fruits and veggies, and a whole lot of water/tea.


  • egg white scramble with organic ketchup, broccoli, okra, and onions – isn’t my tupperware cute?  I got it at Daiso, this Japanese dollar store chain in the Bay Area.

  • strawberry vanilla green tea (sample from Lupicia)

Some day I will dedicate a post to my tea obsession.  Now is not the time 🙂  But don’t worry, it’ll be soon.


  • la tortilla factory wrap with almond butter and 1.5 chopped nectarines

  • broccoli and hummus (2-3 T)

  • some kimchee!

My wrap was going to be part of my lunch but I wasn’t very hungry when lunch rolled around.


  • chopped nectarine
  • stir-fry: pumpkin (!!!), okra, eggplant, onion, shredded carrot, broccoli, with soy sauce, sesame oil, cinnamon, chili powder, cumin, and tonkatsu sauce (Japanese sauce from a bottle) – went back for a little more of this…

I was lacking in protein for dinner, so I opted for some yogurt as dessert.


  • Fage 0%, chopped apple, bran flakes, a smidge of honey – I added a teaspoon of almond butter after I took the picture
  • more than a few handfuls of bran flakes (1.5 cups?)

5 Replies to “Eats for 9/30/2008”

  1. Christie – I do eat tofu, but sparingly (I’m just not that big a fan of it). I usually add shrimp or egg whites to get more protein, but I was all out… The yogurt was yummy though! I love how greek yogurt packs in a ton of protein 🙂

  2. I know!! Where did september go?!

    And I absolutely swear by the light exercise + fruits + veggies + fluids formula! It is magical 😀 Glad the walk made you feel better!

    Your stir fry looks AMAZING! I love that you included PUMPKIN–which I have never seen in a stir fry but which I’m sure would taste sooo good~!

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