02 October 2008

Due to a small miracle, I did not need a root canal this morning!  My dentist is amazing.  I do have a temporary crown on, and it feels odd – not bad, just odd.  It took a while for the novocaine to wear off, and I hadn’t eaten beforehand, so I was especially ready for breakfast.  It’s kind of hard to chew with the temporary crown.  The area is sensitive, and my gums hurt a bit.  So I’m eating slowly and carefully today.

I apologize for the redundancy of my eats today – I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat much after the root canal, so I didn’t pack a real lunch (just snacky things that were easy to chew) – but then it didn’t happen!  So I was stuck with my lackluster grab-bag of food anyway 🙂  It ended up working out because I still had trouble chewing.

I’m going to make a major effort to cut back on sugar and other things that are destroying my teeth.  Here’s how I started my day (I think the authors of Skinny Bitch would be proud – nothing but fruit before noon!):

Breakfast: (both chewed very slowly – I think it took me over an hour to eat these)

  • 1 gala apple
  • 1 fresh plum

I finally got to take my hour-long walk today – I love how relaxing it is.  I went before lunch and talked to Mom about life and teeth and work, etc… I miss her a lot.  I hope my parents can come visit us soon.

Lunch: (I probably would have eaten more, but again – this took me almost an hour to eat, and I was tired of chewing.)

  • La Tortilla Factory WW Wrap with AB on one half, lite veggie cream cheese on the other
  • ~1 cup Fage 0% for protein (18 grams!)

Snack: (very very redundant! – and very slowly eaten.)

  • fresh plum
  • another WW wrap


  • stirfry with tomato sauce – pumpkin, okra, onion, carrots, eggplant.  These stir-fries are quite large.  I use about 5 cups of raw veggies, plus whatever sauces I put on.  I topped this one with some organic ketchup again.

Dessert: (this was so good!)

  • 1 farmers’ market peach, chopped up
  • 1 cup of chocolate almond milk
  • cinnamon, honey, and vanilla

I’m leaving to pick up Bobby from the airport in about an hour – I’m glad he’s almost back!  I wish he could have been there with me this morning but I did okay on my own.

In other exciting news, I won a tea contest over at Biggest Diabetic Loser!  Thanks, Biz 🙂  I’m very excited to get some new tea.

13 Replies to “02 October 2008”

  1. i hope the pain goes away soon, although i’m glad to hear you have such a good dentist! your food always looks so fresh and healthy, i could never get bored 😀

  2. WOW….pumpkin AND okra in a stir fry?! that sounds really interesting! I love okra…..and pumpkin as well, but I haven’t had it in its non-canned form in a long time!!! I need to try some new pumpkin dishes!

    My skating partner got a root canal yesterday! He said he wasn’t in pain though…but I think he was shot up on many different meds/pain-relievers. Ha.

    LOVE the fact I’m on your Blog Roll! Thank you SO MUCH! It’s a honor! 🙂

  3. PLZ don’t apologize for eating the same foods. That’s the way it is in real life!
    I’m so glad you didn’t have to endure the hell that is the root canal.
    Yay for winning tea!

  4. Thanks everyone 🙂

    Gliding Calm – you should definitely try the pumpkin okra stirfry! I had never cooked a real pumpkin before this week but it’s really simple – you just have to cook it a bit longer than a veggie like broccoli, which cooks faster.
    Erin – Thanks 🙂 You’re so right!

  5. You should get your tea by Monday!

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll too!

    Two more hours to go til the weekend!

    Happy hour here I come!

  6. Awwe you poor thing. I feel your pain…the dental work and having to go through it by yourself. You said it felt “odd” having the crown in. Do you feel that there is a crown or something foreign in your mouth? Glad a root canal wasn’t needed. That’s good news!

    I added you to my blog roll, but it’s been under a different name. At first I had it under “A Vegetarian Healthy Recipe Blog” Now I have it has “A Vegetarian Healthy Recipe blog or The Salad Girl” I’m confused….haha Should I change it to Say Yes to Salad?

    I completely agree that cc’s are way cheaper than universities. That’s cool you’ll be going back to school for dietetics! Will you be transferring to SJSU? I hear have a really good nutrition program. That’s one of my options after I graduate from Merritt College in Oakland. Well, it’s either SJSU or San Francisco State.

    I met an RD who went and works at SJSU. She said some really good things about the school 🙂 There’s also a Student Intern from SFSU at the rehab facility I’m interning at. I’m going to be asking him a couple of q’s on their nutrition program too. 😉

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