03 October 2008

Last night I snacked on an apple and some frozen berries while watching TV.  They were yummy.  And very slowly chewed.

Today I woke up hungry for breakfast.  But first, I did Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred, Level 1!  After not working out all week I decided to ease in with the simpler video.  I missed working out.   Things I like about working out:

  • I stand up straighter
  • I have more energy (a ton more)
  • I can eat more
  • It’s fun
After I got to work I made myself breakfast:
  • Dannon 0% Plus (strawberry), cheerios, 1 plum
I took my hour-long walk right before lunch.
Lunch: (free at work – they ordered a special vegetarian meal for me)
  • veggieburger with salad (I didn’t eat the bun and I only had half the burger… it was kind of burned and odd-tasting – but it was a really sweet gesture to order it)
  • unpictured plate of tomatoes, olives, and a few artichoke heart pieces – this was yummy 🙂
  • gala apple
  • few handfuls of grapes (red ones)
  • la tortilla factory WW wrap
For dinner we went to a new place – Vegetarian Garden in Mountain View.  It was so good!  I will definitely be going back soon.  We shared everything and finished it all.  Bobby got brown rice with his.
  • soup!

  • summer rolls (water chestnuts and carrot inside; I think that’s all) – dipped in a sweet sauce

  • steamed veggies and tofu with special sauce

  • vegi mongolian chicken – spicy

  • 1/2 carrot while deciding what to make
  • microwaved pumpkin with chocolate almond milk, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla

  • grapes while waiting for the pumpkin to cook and after eating the pumpkin

We saw Burn After Reading tonight… I was really disappointed; I didn’t like it at all.  Has anyone else seen it?  What did you think?

7 Replies to “03 October 2008”

  1. looove frozen berries. definitely a very sweet gesture for them to get you the vegetarian lunch – i guess it makes up for the not-so-great taste! looks like everything else you had was deicious though, so it’s all ok 🙂

  2. i totally need to get some frozen fruit!!!
    those la tortilla wraps are sooooo good!
    definitely let me know what you think of the peanut noodles– they’re my favorite 😀
    happy saturday!

  3. MizFit – I will definitely have to check out the book now, too 🙂
    Christie – it’s posted now! Thanks for the request 🙂

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