07 October 2008

Morning workout:

  • Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred, Level 1

Breakfast: (this pic is not from today, but it looks the same)

  • 1 huge gala apple, Dannon yogurt (strawberry), and cheerios

I was able to take my hour-long walk today during lunch.  I forgot my phone at home, so I just listened to some Cranberrries and Brad Paisley.  Odd mix, I know.


  • Burrito on a La Tortilla Factory WW wrap with 3 egg whites and organic ketchup – yum!

  • Big salad – romaine, bacon bits, cherry tomatoes, onions, apple, shredded carrot – topped with some sunflower seeds and TJ’s balsamic vinaigrette


  • gala apple
  • WW wrap with Almond Butter
  • another apple around 6pm to tide me over until dinner – we didn’t eat until after 9!


  • stir-fry over a little bit of lettuce – egg whites, okra, bacon bits, eggplant, carrot, onion, red pepper, butternut squash, sprouts, sweet and sour sauce, TJ’s balsamic vinaigrette – and topped with some wheat germ!

Christie suggested that I try wheat germ on my cereal in the morning, so I went out after work today and picked some up – but I couldn’t wait until tomorrow!  That’s why I had it on my dinner (and dessert – see below).  I couldn’t really taste it that much, but I mixed it in – maybe I should mix first and then add it so that I notice it in the first few bites.


  • persimmon, chocolate almond milk, Fage 0% yogurt, pumpkin pie spice, and more wheat germ 🙂

Hope you all have a great night/morning! I’ll probably snack on a bit more fruit (as usual), but I have to get to bed soon because I’m getting up early tomorrow (leaving work early for nutrition class, so I’m going in early).

Edit: I snacked on a few teaspoons of plain wheat germ and it was delicious 🙂 I think I’m going to add it after I mix up whatever I’m adding it to so that I can really taste it.

8 Replies to “07 October 2008”

  1. Sharon – I can definitely do that with almond butter 🙂 I’ve never had flax seed. How do you usually eat it (besides plain)?

  2. I love adding wheat germ to yogurt and oatmeal. I love the idea of adding it to savory foods, too! I also add flax seed to yogurt and oatmeal, too. You can also add it to thinks you bake. It can serve as an egg substitute.

  3. ohh so glad you got it!!! I love wheat germ… i top it on things after i am done adding everything else… like salads and yogurts it goes right at the end.. and the best is eating a tbsp of PB with that sprinkled on top!

  4. I need to get some wheat germ to add to my cereals in the morning. Can you actually taste the extra flavor or is it a slight crunch?

  5. Meghann – I would add it after you mix everything in, otherwise the flavour gets lost – that’s what I did this morning and it was really yummy 🙂 It’s not crunchy enough that it stands out if you mix it in.

  6. Biz – I actually get the shred videos for free (Comcast OnDemand – ExerciseTV has a bunch of exercise videos), but I would say it would DEFINITELY be worth it to buy it. She’s really motivating and it would be hard to keep up the whole workout without her telling you how to do the moves, etc… It looks like it’s about $15 for a video with 3 different shred workouts, and that sounds like a great deal for what you’re getting.

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