10 October 2008

This morning I got up and did ExerciseTV’s Cardio Burn Sculpt with Tanja Djelevi.  It was fun – started with cardio, went into strength, then some ab work, and ended with yoga stretching.

Once I was at work I made breakfast: a sliced banana, Fage 0% Greek yogurt, and cheerios.  It was a really late breakfast (after 10), so I wasn’t really worried about staying power.

For lunch we got free food from a Greek restaurant, and they ordered a special meal for me again!  It was so nice and considerate.

Lunch: (not sure why these came out blurry)

  • greek salad, lots of it (romaine, onions, tomatoes, hot peppers, olive thing, feta) – I had another huge plate of this

  • veggie dish they ordered for me (so sweet) – I had the hummus with the salad, some bites of spanikopita, and some of the stuffed grape leaves

I went for my walk (1 hour) after lunch today, because I was hungry when the food came.


  • another 2 medium plates of the Greek salad, 1/2 of a banana, and A TON of grapes (… at least a pound.  I have a serious grape addiction.)

Dinner: (at Garden Fresh vegetarian restuarant in Mountain View – I think this is a new favorite!)

  • soup – some corn kernels, tofu, and herbs in a thick broth – I didn’t have the broth

  • Kun Pao “Chicken” – I ate most of this with some sweet sauce

  • Vegi-Mongolian “Chicken” – and had a few bites of this (Bobby’s)

  • inside of 2 of these spring rolls – cabbage, carrots, tofu ( a little oily, but really good)

I was such a snacker tonight!  Jeez.  I had a lot of random things while watching TV, reading, and blogging.

Dessert: yay for fruit!

  • 1 apple

  • some brothers-all-natural crisps (apple flavour and also strawberry banana)

  • frozen blueberries (shared with Bobby)

And… I had a some baklava 😀  I started out with just one bite of these…

But I ended up eating two!  They were so good and totally worth it.  I haven’t had any really rich desserts for a while and these were perfect.  But not something I would have every night.

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  1. the greek food looks great! i love mediterranean dishes. also love chinese though 😀 very international and yummy day you had!

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