Blogging Friends!

Last night was so fun!  I got to meet up with Brittany of Eating Bird Food for dinner – she’s in San Jose for work this week 🙂  But before I get to that…

Yesterday morning’s workout was 30-Day Shred, Level 2.

My nutrition professor suggested that I try making my oatmeal with milk to get in some more calcium, so next time I’m at the store I’ll pick up either soy milk or skim… But yesterday I didn’t have milk on hand, so it was regular oats.

Breakfast: (I thought I would include my tea in the picture today – this mug is HUGE – and I usually go back to fill it at least 2 more times throughout the morning.)

  • oats (1/2 cup), mashed banana
  • apple – I had this about an hour after breakfast – for some reason the oats weren’t doing the trick.  But this kept me full until lunch!

I took my normal hour-long walk before lunch…


  • salad (romaine, carrots, tomatoes, bacon bits, red pepper, spaghetti squash, lots of onions, a veggie dog, a persimmon, balsamic vinegar)
  • 1 la tortilla factory whole wheat wrap


  • another whole wheat wrap with peach yogurt

I went straight to class after work, then home after class, and then it was off to my very first blogger dinner!  We went to a Thai place that Bobby and I went to a few weeks ago – Blue Mango in San Jose.  They have some great options.  First we picked Brittany up at her hotel, then headed to the restaurant…

We started off with papaya salad and prawns:

Then I got the green curry with prawns, bamboo, green pepper, and eggplant (last time I got penang curry):

Brittany got a “mushroom mountain” stirfry, which I tried as well:

And Bobby got crab fried rice (again):

The dinner was so fun!  Brittany and I have a lot in common – and it was so nice to meet a fellow food blogger 🙂

After we got home I had to have dessert, so while I was thinking of what to have I had a few bites of Bobby’s leftover fried rice, then settled on…

  • a persimmon (times 2!)

  • and some trail mix (times um… a lot! – Erin, I totally understand how you eat so much of this stuff!)

We watched bits and pieces of the debate, then I headed off to bed.  Hope your Thursday is going well!  It’s almost the weekend 😀  Any big plans? I think Bobby and I are going to go up to Half Moon Bay for the Harvest Festival.  I love fall so much.

13 Replies to “Blogging Friends!”

  1. Isn’t it so much fun meeting blogging friends in real life?? I always have such a blast when I hang out with fellow bloggers! 🙂

  2. Yay fall! I love that you and Brittany met up and had some fab food. That’s a cute picture!
    I’ve never had a persimmon! Should I try one?
    And trail mix. REPRESENT!

  3. Erin – you should definitely try a persimmon! They’re interesting. There are 2 different kinds – one kind you have to wait until they’re super soft to eat, otherwise they’re bitter-ish, but the kind I got this time you can eat before they get really soft. I have no idea how to describe what they taste like though 🙂 Sweet, but not overly.
    Lee – I’m not a vegetarian… But I eat meat really rarely. Probably less than once a week. I do eat fish and other seafood though. And I LOVE peanut butter! I just happened to buy a HUGE tub of almond butter at Costco so that’s what I’m using right now 🙂 Trail mix is awesome 🙂

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