Really lazy Saturday…

Jillian Michaels totally kicked my bum this morning!  I did 30-day Shred level 2 followed by Cardio Yoga – I felt so amazing after this workout.

Breakfast: (I used this recipe)

  • 4 waffles with 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1/2 cup applesauce, and 1 T wheat germ

We tried to go to Half Moon Bay’s Art & Pumpkin festival today, but the traffic was too terrible!  We were less than halfway there and it was bumper to bumper the rest of the way, so we turned back… and took a 2 hour nap.  When we woke up we ate  (around 3) –


  • salad – romaine, okra, shredded carrot, 2 veggie dogs, bacon bits, 1/2 chopped apple, onion, and 2 T sunflower seeds – topped with TJ’s raspberry vinaigrette
  • 1 la tortilla factory WW wrap with 1 T smart balance light

While we ate we watched Food Network (Down Home with the Neelys) and they were making this amazing looking bbq chicken pizza meal.  I knew that I had to make my blogger secret ingredient tonight, so I figured out what we needed to buy for dinner.

Linens ‘N’ Things is going bankrupt… so they’re having sales!  I went out to the nearest one only to find that it had already gone out of business though, and it was closed 🙁  But there was a Marshalls right next door and I got clothes (shirts, a cute sports bra for $5), cookware, and sale gourmet food things like unsweetened raspberry jam, fresh coriander, and a new rooibos tea.  And more.

Then I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up bbq chicken, but they didn’t have the kind I wanted – so I got the vegan kind instead!  I got a whole bunch of other things at Whole Foods too (more fake meat, Orangina for Bobby, applesauce, etc…) because of this $5 off coupon.

Then it was onto Trader Joe’s (squash, buffalo jerky!, veggies for dinner), and finally back home!  So even though I did take a 2 hour nap today, I got a lot done 🙂


  • BBQ “chicken” pizza (vegan) – I used a whole wheat wrap and topped it with BBQ sauce and LightLife’s Smart BBQ veggie protein, as well as chopped tomatoes and rice cheeze (cheddar jack flavour)
  • lentil leek soup (blogger secret ingredient recipe here!) – about 1 cup or so, I went back for a little more

Snack right after dinner:

  • baby carrots and TJ’s raspberry vinaigrette

Bobby has ping pong lessons tonight so I’m watching House and hoping to catch up on Grey’s and Ugly Betty.  I might have some sort of dessert later – I’ll post in the morning if I do 🙂

Have a great night, see you tomorrow!  Hope your weekends are going fabulously!

8 Replies to “Really lazy Saturday…”

  1. Are they going bankrupt? Really? Oh my! I didn’t even know that! I wonder if sales are bombarding Canadians here! Hahah. I could use a few new things! LOL

  2. i just love the prettiness of your waffles – makes me want a waffle maker sooo bad. the pizza looks scrumptious!

  3. Your day was filled with deliciousness (love the waffles and pizza, especially), fun (WHOLE FOODS!!! Other trips, haha), and great workouts. Fabulous!! 🙂

  4. Sounds like you had a great day!! I love days like that when I just get lots of random stuff done. Your workout sounded awesome too…I need to get the shred to try it out!

  5. Everything looks so good!
    That’s too bad about the festival. I would probably have turned around too. I hate traffic. and HATE waiting.

    I love sales. I’ll have to see if the same dealio is going down with Linens N Things around here! Too bad it was closed for ya 🙁

  6. You had me until you got to the veggie dogs! Ha, don’t know if I would be brave enough to put those in a salad!

    Naps rule!

  7. That dessert looks AMAZING! 😀

    My fav fruit TOTALLY depends on the season – I chow down on watermelon and nectarines all summer long, and move right into the apples as the fall comes along. I stick to grapes (and I can’t remember what else) during the winter!

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