Finally Friday!

This morning I did another relaxing 20 minutes of Cardio Yoga.  It felt good.


  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 chopped plum, peach yogurt
  • an apple

I took a 50-minute walk before I ate lunch.  There were parts of it that turned into a run though.  I was literally flying off the ground.  If I hadn’t had to go back to work after this I probably would have run more – but I didn’t want to be sweaty and gross when I got back!  This has been happening more and more recently.  I’ll be taking a walk and suddenly I just want to run.  Usually I can’t, for the reason above (don’t want to be sweaty at work), but it’s weird.

Lunch: (Korean!  Awesome.  Free lunch on Fridays at work.)

  • seafood mushroom and soft tofu hot pot
  • kimchee
  • salad
  • bean sprouts
  • shrimp skewers (but I hardly ate any of these because the sauce was too gooey and sweet)
  • I went back for seconds on everything but the skewers…


  • more kimchee, a few prawns (from hot pot), some salad, and some random leftover sauteed veggies
  • about 2.5 cups of grapes

When I got home I did another 20 minutes of yoga (a video called Zen in Your Den).  It wasn’t as vigorous as cardio yoga, but it was the perfect way to unwind after a week of work.  Then I baked some muffins and started dinner.


  • 1/2 stuffed acorn squash – stuffed with sauteed carrots, celery, chopped plum, veggie ground meat, red pepper, lots of balsamic vinegar and splashes of soy sauce and rice vinegar… YUM.
  • I also had the leftovers from Bobby’s acorn squash (he doesn’t eat the skin and he got full before he finished because he had lots of rice and cheese in his, which filled him up more quickly than mine did).
  • raw veggies and BBQ sauce – who knew this would be so good?


  • 2 banana cocoa muffins (75 calories each)
  • 1.5 apples with about 4 tablespoons of raspberry spread
  • a handful of yogurt covered raisins and some m&ms
  • 3/4 cup espresso flavored soy ice cream

Bobby went down to Santa Cruz for the night to hang out with some friends at somebody’s beach house – I opted to stay here and be mellow 🙂  I’m watching House now and lying on the couch with Couscous (the cat).  This is a random question, but what is your favorite color?  Mine is purple.  It has been forever.  Happy weekend!

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  1. i am just so jealous of this espresso ice cream…. i love “affogato” in italian restaurants, the vanilla ice cream with espresso poured on top… so i would looove this. also, yay for korean!! i love korean food.

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