I Love Containers and the BSI

I went for a run this morning!  I think it was about 3 miles.  When I got back I did yoga.

Bobby was home in time for breakfast:

  • pancakes (I had 1.5 big ones) topped with applesauce and raspberry spread
  • 1 piece of turkey bacon
  • a plum

At some point between breakfast and lunch we took a nap… And when I woke up I was starving.  So I made lunch:

  • eggplant parm – with spaghetti sauce and topped with rice cheeze (it actually melts)
  • cauliflower and red pepper with BBQ sauce
  • an apple

After lunch we went to The Container Store – it was so cool!  I got a bunch of stuff to organize my kitchen.  On the way home we also stopped at Whole Foods to get a few things.

And then for dinner I used the Blogger Secret IngredientCranberries are awesome 🙂  I also finally made Gliding Calm Tofu and it was great.  I only changed it a little.


  • gliding calm baked tofu (baked at 450 for 15 minutes on each side, rubbed in a mix of sesame oil, chili flakes, garlic powder, soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey… I think that was it?)
  • BSI recipe (coming soon!) – cranberry-pumpkin-apple bake! I had a lot more of this than you see above.
  • raw veggies and BBQ sauce (shared with Bobby)


  • 1.5 apples with OLALLIEBERRY jam
  • freeze dried rambutan from Trader Joe’s
  • a bunch of M&Ms and a few almonds, eaten out of trail mix (unpictured)
  • another 2 small muffins from last night’s baking

I had a really nice Saturday – I hope you all did as well!  Tomorrow Bobby and I are going with a bunch of friends to the Bridge School Benefit Concert, where we’ll see: Neil Young, Jack Johnson, Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, Norah Jones, Cat Power, Josh Groban, and Smashing Pumpkins. I am SO excited for Josh Groban. His music and voice are incredible, not to mention the fact that he’s really cute.  Have a great night y’all 😀

7 Replies to “I Love Containers and the BSI”

  1. yay for gliding calm tofu!! and the eggplant looks special – i lovelovelove eggplant with all my heart. and WHAT an amazing concert you’re going to!!! i adore norah jones especially from that list, although i also like jack johnson and have heard of basically all the names in that list (which is saying something since i really don’t keep up with the times when it comes to pop music)!!! ENJOY!!

  2. ttfn300 -they’re really good! Kind of like freeze-dried lychees. I’ve never had freeze-dried lychees, but they have a similar flavor to the normal ones.

  3. wahoo! thanks for the shout out! all of your eats look amazing! the cran-apple bake, the tofu (of course), the pancakes, the eggplant parm! Delish!! Someday I’ll get around to trying eggplant parm out… eggplants just still make me nervous!!

    have a great rest of your weekend!!! 🙂

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