Great Thanksgiving Challenge

Bobby and I are going to try to do Kath’s Great Thanksgiving Challenge!

Our rules:

  • spend $126 on groceries between yesterday and Thanksgiving, including Thanksgiving dinner
  • whatever is in the house already is fair game
  • 1 night out per week not included
  • Bobby gets to buy lunch once a week without counting it (because I get free lunch from work on Fridays)

Other info:

  • my dad is visiting us this coming weekend (Thursday through Monday morning) so we will have to buy food for him as well for a few days
  • Bobby and I are going to Miami for 4 days next week, and we won’t have to buy any food those days (next Thursday through Monday morning)
  • we are hosting our own Thanksgiving dinner, so we will have to get a decent amount of food for that… we’re buying a Tofurky meal and having a few other things, which I’ll post about eventually.

This is what’s in my fridge right now (the last time we shopped was on Thursday night):

Some highlights:

  • 13 eggs
  • various fake meats & turkey bacon
  • shirataki tofu noodles
  • applesauce
  • orange juice
  • some veggies – plum tomatoes, lettuce, 1 eggplant, 2 red peppers, a few carrots, apples
  • whole wheat wraps, regular tortilla wraps
  • yogurt (Fage 0%)
  • peanut butter, almond butter, bbq sauce, various other sauces and jams

And the freezer:


  • soy ice cream
  • lots of bagels
  • chicken sausages
  • various fake meats
  • bread
  • gyoza
  • frozen seafood (shrimp and an assorted bag)

And we also have food in the pantry – pasta, oatmeal, nuts, bars, etc…  And I have a bunch of fruit in my fruit bowl (more apples, persimmons, and pears).  I also have 3 acorn squash, 2 butternut squash, a weird squash that I don’t know the name of, and 2 pumpkins.

At first I thought this challenge would be impossible, but after looking at what we already have I think we have a very good chance of succeeding.  Let’s see how it goes!  Let me know if you join up!

15 Replies to “Great Thanksgiving Challenge”

  1. Congratulations on participating- that’s very cool! Since there’s just one of me I think I’m going to pass on the ‘challenge’ itself and just try to be extra frugal, but I can’t wait to follow your adventure!

  2. Ya’ll are brave! I’m excited to see how it goes down! 🙂
    BTW, that’s my favorite BBQ sauce in history – the TJ’s super sugary Kansas City style one. 🙂 They don’t sell it here, but I have SUCH fond memories of that stuff!

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