I missed my dad!

My dad is here! He’s currently asleep on the couch (he’s been up since 1am Pacific and currently it’s about 9pm Pacific – poor guy!).  But before I get to our day…

This morning I went on a short 2.5(ish) mile run.  I’m estimating here because I never did this exact route before and didn’t have time to drive it to see how long it actually was.  It ended up being about 22 minutes.  When I got back I did Buns and Thighs Yoga (Tom Morley is the instructor) again.  I like it a lot – not quite as much as Cardio Yoga, but I’ll take what I can get.  After last night’s trail mix overload I needed a good workout to get hungry, and this did the trick!

When I got to work I made breakfast (the usual):

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1.5 cups water,  1/2 banana, and 2/3 cup Fage 0% Greek yogurt
  • an apple

And (surprise, surprise) I snacked on a wrap mid-morning.  After my hour-long lunch walk I ate my lunch:

  • salad of romaine, turkey bacon, red pepper, onion, celery, carrot, and balsamic vinegar
  • apple
  • TJ’s choco-covered raisins
  • another wrap (this was the last one – I need to get more, stat)

And my snack this afternoon was just an apple.  I left work early and then Dad and I went to downtown Mountain View to walk around.  We walked for a while and then decided to go grocery shopping.  He insisted on buying some food for himself and refused to let me pay, so I’m not counting it towards the Thanksgiving Challenge.  He’d never been to Trader Joe’s and thought it was very cool.  I let him try our Buffalo Jerky and he loved it, so he bought himself some jerky from TJ’s as well.  I also took him to Milk Pail, this adorable semi-open air market with very low prices.  He bought me a pineapple for… $0.75!  And it was organic.  He was kind of in shock because pineapples are normally around $3-4.

When we got home I made dinner:

  • veggie plate with salsa/bbq sauce (carrots, red peppers, and olives)
  • stuffed acorn squash (mine had cabbage, chicken sausage, carrots, red peppers, and onion – topped with rice cheeze)

I made a rice stuffing for the boys and they got cheddar instead of rice cheeze.  I also ended up eating Bobby’s skin and Dad’s skin from their squash halves – silly boys not eating the skin!  I think it’s the best part.

For dessert I cut up the pineapple.  Dad had already fallen asleep but he woke up to have a few bites, and Bobby had some as well.  I had more than this bowl, so multiply by 3 or so.  It was so fresh and yummy.  Thanks Dad!

Tomorrow Dad and I are going for a run in the morning and I’m going to try to get him to do yoga with me (not a chance).  Then we’re heading up to San Francisco for the day for some sightseeing.  We’ll meet up with Bobby back in Mountain View for dinner.  Happy Friday!

Question – how far away from your parents do you live and how often do you get to see them? I live in California and my parents live in New Jersey – so that last time I saw mine was in May when I went back to visit Cornell for Bobby’s graduation.

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  1. Are your oats cooked in the microwave and then you add the yogurt, or are they “overnight oats?” I always associate oatmeal as warm and comforting, so I didn’t even know cold oat meals existed until the blog community introduced me to them! And now I’m seeing Savory oats (i’m still skeptical, but tempted to try)- what will they think of next?!

    Speaking of warm and comforting, check out that acorn squash!

    I now live in Northern California for school and my parents are 6 1/2 hours away (for the first time living away from home). I haven’t seen mine since I’ve been up here and it’s hard because we’re really close- I’m close with each of them as individuals in different ways, when they’re together (sometime) it tends to get a little/very tense. I speak to my dad on the phone every day in quick snippets when things remind us of each other and call my mom for longer periods of time but not as often. I didn’t think I was going home for thanksgiving and then wrangled around my schedule because I wanted to see everyone, so I made it work! haha.

    It’s great that your dad will exercise with you (even if it’s not yoga). What a nice family activity to do together!

  2. Yah for your dad!
    I live about an hour and half away from home, and I go back when I can – such as school breaks, Christmas break and usually I stay there for the entire summer so I don’t have to pay rent in the city. -lol-

  3. My parents live in India and I came here after our wedding..It has been a year since I met them 🙁 We are visiting India this month end.Will be staying there for 2 whole months!! Pretty excited 🙂

  4. oh sweet!! i’m glad you get to see your dad! acorn squash looks gooood – i’m baking one right now 😀

    i live with my parents at the moment!

  5. I love those wraps, I totally need to get some. I love your dinner too, it looks fab.

    Hahah, trying your dad to get to do yoga? My dad actually asked for yoga books/dvds for Christmas one year…we were all shocked (he thought it would improve his skiing skills, which it did!)

    I go to school in MA but live in NY, so I see my parents over Thanksgiving and winter break the longest…It’s so great that your dad came to visit!

    Have a fun Friday!

  6. that is so great your family came to visit!
    i live on the opposite side of the US from mine- they’re in arizona and i’m in georgia, but i get to see them at least every couple of months. thank goodness they’re always willing to get me a plane ticket 😀 it’s for my sanity’s sake- i can only stay in valdosta for so long without a break!
    happy friday!

  7. I used to live 4 hours away, but now its only 45 minutes. I moved to be close to my family. 🙂

    have fun with your dad this weekend!

  8. My parents live about 20 minutes from where I am currently in school, but my previous university was 2.5 hours from home…I think there are pros and cons for both 🙂

  9. My parents live about 45 minutes away in Connecticut (I’m in NYC), but surprisingly I don’t see them as much as one would think because we both have very busy schedules. I actually live with my older brother though and my sister lives on the East side near my BF so I see most of my family all the time!

  10. I absolutely love open-air markets. Not only are the prices usually great, but you can really see the quality of the food and it’s so nice to walk around. I’m hoping the weather holds tomorrow because that’s when our farmer’s market usually is- fingers crossed!

    Hope you’re having a fantastic friday!

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