Short week!

This morning I did Buns and Thighs Yoga before work. I really like this video. The instructor is Tom Morley if you’re interested.

Breakfast was a little bit different today – I’m out of Greek yogurt and I’m being cheap for the Thanksgiving Challenge, so I used the soy milk at work instead!  These were very very soupy oats, but I loved them.  I think I just love soup.  First I eat the broth and the banana chunks, then I’m left with nicely cooked oats, which I savor slowly.  I actually really like the soymilk instead of the yogurt.  And it’s vegan, which I’m always happy about.

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1.5 cups water, 1/2 banana – microwave for 1.5-2 minutes
  • 1/2 cup soymilk added at the end
  • an apple on the side

Lunch was a bunch of leftovers, but really good:

  • 1/2 of an acorn squash rubbed with a little bit of olive oil and microwaved
  • filled with 1/2 cup of applesauce and the rest of my banana
  • leftover pear and crab salad from last night’s dinner
  • an apple


  • carrots and cauliflower with TJ’s sesame soy ginger dressing
  • 1/2 cup various nuts (peanuts & cashews)

I needed a substantial snack to get me through Bobby’s band practice tonight (I went to watch) because I knew I wouldn’t get to eat dinner until after 9.  The nuts did the trick – and I was glad to get in more healthy fats.  I had another honeycrisp while I was there:

I take back what I said before. This honeycrisp was superb.


  • sweet and sour eggplant stirfry topped with pear & crab salad
  • popcorn (about 5 tablespoons unpopped topped with a cheese flavour sprinkle thing)
  • another honeycrisp… I’m now addicted.

I can’t wait until Thursday to go to Miami!  I’m very excited.  Have a great night 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: another 1/2 cup of cashews.  I’m feeling a lil snacky tonight.

9 Replies to “Short week!”

  1. How do you like Tom Morely as an instructor? I don’t have any videos, but I just discovered and am loving it!

    Does the soupyness of your oats cause them to be lukewarm?

    How exciting that you get to go to Miami!! I’ve never been, yay for short weeks!!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the honeycrisp this time. What is it they say? Try something at least 6 times before you give up on it? I’m not sure that I quite have the patience for SIX separate occasions, but I’ll give it 2 or 3 😉

  2. That sounds so exciting to be able to go Miami! I have been in a snacking mood lately, but I think its because I am surrounded by an abundance of.. food! LOL
    Hahah, using soy milk at work? I heart soy milk!

  3. jess – I love Tom Morley – he’s so good. I would definitely try his videos 🙂

    The soupyness doesn’t really make them lukewarm – I actually like to wait until they cool off before I eat them though. Usually when they get out of the microwave they are really really hot so adding cold soy milk or yogurt doesn’t do much to cool them off. Though if you do want really hot oats you could heat up the soy milk before adding it.

  4. I’m so glad you went honeycrisp! Hopefully you’ll be able to find them on sale in the future – they’re 2 freakin’ 99 here!
    Do we get a video of Bobby’s band? 🙂

  5. Hm…I’m digging this soup concept of yours. I think it would be pretty cool to add a little extra almond milk and be able to enjoy the oats for even longer! Thanks!

    SO cool that Bobby is in a band – I want a video, too 😉

  6. Hi! Tiffany from Chobani here…I noticed that you are a fan of Greek Yogurt and was curious if you have tried the Chobani Greek Yogurt? I would love to send you over some samples to try. Just email me at and let me know where I can send them to.

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