Family, Friends, Fun, & Fantastic Food = the perfect Saturday

Yesterday was another great day in Miami.  I am still on Pacific time and I don’t plan on switching (we go back tomorrow) so we slept in late.  I woke up around 11:30 and lounged in bed for almost another hour after that.  We went downstairs to make breakfast:

  • 1 cup blueberry yogurt, 1.5 cups fiber one, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup sliced strawberries
  • a sliced honeycrisp apple with lemon juice on the side
  • green tea

Throughout the afternoon I snacked on many grapes, as well as this plate of fruit (apple and persimmon; Bobby’s mom loves persimmon just as much as I do):

And Bobby and I shared this panna cotta before dinnertime.  Christina (family friend; she took care of Bobby when he was young) made them for all of us.  They were this amazing light recipe and this whole panna cotta had something like 185 calories (I think less actually).  I got the recipe from her and I will make it soon.

I had more grapes (they were an appetizer) and a few terra chips (gah, my weakness!) before dinner.  (Unpictured.)  But here’s a picture of their dog, Coco:

And this was the amazing dinner spread:

This was my first dinner plate, and unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of my other plates:

  • lightly fried crab cake (finished it – so good) with a sauce that is hiding behind the salad (avocado, corn, onion, cilantro, I’m not sure what else)
  • piece of salmon with some yummy sweet glaze
  • crab and mango salad with caviar
  • wasabi potato salad with eggs, carrots, cucumber, and celery (SO good – this was inspired by a dish made at a restaurant in San Francisco called Delica that we love.  It’s a Japanese deli and I actually went there last Friday when my dad was here.)
  • a lot of caesar salad with chickpeas (olive oil and vinegar dressing, plus s&p and parmesan cheese)

I ended up going back for seconds of all the salads – wasabi potato, caesar, and crab and mango salad.  Actually 3rds and maybe 4ths on the crab and mango.  It was amazing.  And I had more of the dip for the crab cakes, but just plain.

Our friends from college came over for the party and it was so good to see them again.  We saw them last night for the movie too.  After dinner was over we all ate a bunch of grapes.

Then there was dessert – chocolate amazing cake and key lime pie.  I just had a bite of each.  The key lime pie was very sweet but the chocolate cake was dark and rich and so good.  I also cut up some fruit for people to share.  One of the women that came loved my trick of putting lemon juice on the apples to bring out the sweetness.  So I ended up having another plate of persimmon and apple… Yum.

After that we headed over to our friends’ apartment again and hung out until almost 2am playing Partini and just laughing and chatting.  Have you played this board game?  It’s really fun.

When we got back we wanted more food, so we ate leftovers and other random things:

  • more crab and mango salad
  • potato wasabi salad
  • hijiki seaweed, mushroom, and konnyaku salad – this was amazing and I had more than pictured.
  • unpictured terra chips (gah, again!) – about 1 serving

I have to say this again – Bobby’s mom is such an amazing cook.  She’s so creative and so thoughtful.  Most of her dishes have a Japanese influence and I love it.

I woke up about an hour ago and I’ve been lounging in bed so far… Bobby’s still sleeping but I might wake him up soon.  I think today we’re going to go check out the apartment complex that our friends live in because the place is having an open house to show the available apartments, and we just want to check it out.  I’m not sure what else we’re doing.

What’s your favorite board game or card game? I really enjoyed playing Partini last night.  It could definitely be my favorite 🙂  Have a wonderful Sunday!

14 Replies to “Family, Friends, Fun, & Fantastic Food = the perfect Saturday”

  1. Wow wow and, uh, wow. I’m not even jealous, just dumbfounded, haha. Everything sounds like it’s made for such a wonderful time.
    First, what does a persimmon actually taste like? I asked someone once and they said it was starchy, so I’ve kind of shied away, haha.
    Second, I really hope you share the panna cotta recipe when you make it; especially with holidays coming up. The presentation of it looks amazing (How do you feel surrounded by so many great cooks?) and I could use something healthy-ish to bring to holiday things.
    Third- OMG crab and mango salad?? Hopefully that will get rid of my irrational aversion to pair fruit and proteins/main courses together. And the dip for those crab cakes sounds like it would be great formed into some kind of salad dressing!
    And lastly, I’ve never played partini but I LoVe scattergories 😉 Word games are awesome; I’m also big on scrabble

    Glad you’ve had so much fun and love in miami!

  2. I love seeing all the Japanese food on your blog. I’m so glad you got to splurge a little. Isn’t it nice to have someone else do all the food prep? Bobby and his family sound so cool. 🙂
    I love Apples to Apples!

  3. Wow, so many great eats! Delicious!

    I used to love playing card games with my sister – we would play Speed. Where you had to put the cards in chronological order or reverse order. And the first person to get rid of their cards wins the round!

  4. that dinner spread looks wonderful!
    coco is precious!
    hope you have a great night 😀

  5. All that food looks SO amazing!!! I love crab…everything made with it!, and the salmon and the salads, and caesar with chickpeas. So great to have such a great bf’s mom!

    I really love trivial pursuit, and cranium!

  6. You guys have been eating like kings! All of that food looks amazing – but I’m kinda freaked out by the seaweed!

    That dog is too darn cute!

  7. Looks like you had a most relaxing time. There’s soOo much to comment on!
    Your first dinner plate has all sorts of goodies in ‘em. 😀 Wasabi potato salad sounds interesting. What is Panna cotta? Bobby’s mom sounds really sweet. My mother in-law cooks for me too. I love her soups. Whenever I come over she makes sure that she has them ready for me.

    I love board games, but have never heard or played partini before. My favorite board game of ALL TIME is Cities & Knights of Catan. It’s a strategy game that requires you to think of a million things all at once. Very fun, exciting and SoOo addictive.

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