I’m home! And a salad challenge update.

I’m participating in Leng’s Salad Challenge – eat one salad a day for 2 weeks, starting yesterday (Sunday the 16th).  So far I’m doing well!  Yesterday I started out the day (in the early afternoon – we slept in) with a plate of delicious leftover salads and some fresh green tea:

  • crab and mango salad
  • hijiki seaweed, mushroom, and konnyaku salad
  • wasabi potato salad
  • fruit salad with lemon juice – apple

I snacked on more apples and persimmons throughout the day.  Then we went to dinner:

  • seafood soup
  • papaya salad (seconds)
  • shrimp pad thai
  • volcano shrimp (seconds)
  • veggie brown fried rice

And of course after dinner I had more fruit salad – apple, persimmon, and lemon juice.  I think I had another persimmon at some point.  And I had 2-3 clementines.

Around midnight I had a carb attack and ended up eating about half a baguette dipped in whipped real butter.  I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but it sure was delicious.  The baguette was whole wheat and it was so soft and flavorful.  Bobby was making ramen and I was bored and feeling munchy, which is how I started.

This morning we were up at 4am eastern time (which is 1am pacific time, which is where I am currently!).  I didn’t eat anything til we were on the first plane, at which point I had a nice first breakfast/snack:

  • apple
  • apple cinnamon Zbar

On the second flight they had better food and I ate this:

  • total cereal (I actually had 2 of these because I saved mine from last week’s flight)
  • about 6 ounces of lowfat milk (I had some of Bobby’s)
  • a sliced banana

When we got home I tried to replicate Bobby’s mom’s hijiki/mushroom/konnyaku salad and I got pretty close.  The recipe’s not quite ready yet; it needs tweaking.  I’ll post it when I have it right.  So this was my lunch spread:

  • hijiki/mushroom/konnyaku salad
  • 2 crisps with smart balance
  • an apple with lemon juice

We’ve been napping for the last couple of hours in an attempt to return to normalcy – traveling is so exhausting!  I think we’re going to head out and do some grocery shopping (I’ll update you on the Thanksgiving Challenge later tonight) and possibly use our meal out this week for dinner.

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12 Replies to “I’m home! And a salad challenge update.”

  1. crab and mango salad…..hijiki seaweed, mushroom, and konnyaku salad……wasabi potato salad…chopsticks… If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought you were Asian. 😆 Great eats! and you must be glad you’re back home.

  2. Wow, that salad looks so neat! I think it is something that I remember eating a long time ago… I shall look into that! Haha, because my mom makes those Asian soups all the time, and throws in all sorts of nick-nacks in there.

  3. Salad challenge? Sounds like a fun way to incorporate lots of variety too (not just leafy green, I Love how you had grab mango and Cannot Wait for you to perfect bobby’s moms recipe)

    Also, seafood soup (broth/tomato based because cream gives me horrible stomach issues) is my Absolute Favorite- manhattan clam chowder=love!

    sometimes a midnight carb party is just necessary- and fun! hey, least it was whole wheat 😉

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