Delicious ketchup and Chobani samples!

I got up this morning and almost went back to sleep, but then I got motivated and went for a run3.2 miles in about 30 minutes.  It was relaxing and nice.

I went to work and made another beefed up bowl of oats for breakfast: 1/2 cup oats, little more than 1 cup water, whole banana, 3/4 cup cheerios, 2 tablespoons crushed peanuts.  Very yummy.  I like the cheerios.  I miss the soy milk or yogurt that I usually mix in though (work still hasn’t restocked).

I had a snack of a Braeburn apple before lunch – we were going out and I didn’t want to be starving when we got to the restaurant.  This was an engineering free lunch, so I didn’t pay!  Since we went out, I didn’t get to do my walk – but since I ran this morning I think I got enough exercise today.

We went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant and I got the most amazing saladlotus root with shrimp and pork.  I don’t usually eat pork, but this was divine.  Thinly sliced and very lean.  It came with a sweet fish-sauce dressing.  I also munched on a bunch of bean sprouts dipped in hoisin and chili sauce.

For a snack I had 2 whole wheat wraps dipped in some smart balance.

I had a wonderful nutrition class today – my professor was so impressed with my diet assignment (log 3 days of everything you eat, plug it into FitDay, and get an analysis) that she used it as an example of what everyone should have done!  I was so happy and proud 🙂  If anyone was wondering, the only deficiency that I found when I did the analysis was Vitamin D (I was only getting 3% RDA?!?!) – but I take a supplement that contains Vitamin D, so it’s okay.  I could probably stand to add some calcium and lower my sodium as well, but those weren’t as glaring as the Vitamin D deficiency.

When I got home I had two great packages in the mail – Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup and Chobani Greek Yogurt samples from Tiffany!  I was so excited about both of them that I had to incorporate them into dinner:

  • butternut squash fries with my new amazing Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup (this plate times 2)
  • a blueberry Chobani
  • a veggie plate with salsa and bbq sauce

The Wholemato ketchup was really incredible.  Jason from Wholemato had a wonderful idea when he thought to use agave as the sweetener.  You can find my review HERE.  Their site is great; check it out – they have recipes and lots of info about agave and all of their ketchup products.

The Chobani blueberry was delicious as well.  I mixed it up and ate the whole thing.  I usually shy away from sweetened yogurt but this was truly scrumptious.  I can’t wait to try the other flavors that Tiffany sent!  There were 8 containers in all. Once I try more I’ll do a big product review of them as well.

After dinner I snacked on another Braeburn apple (unpictured; these are really not my favorite – too starchy) and an unpictured wrap with smart balance.  I’m off to get some work-work done, but I hope you all have a fantastic night.  One week ’til Thanksgiving!

What are you going to buy on Black Friday? We might get a new flatscreen TV. And probably other electronic things that Bobby likes 🙂 I will of course head over to the mall and get some good clothes too.

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  1. wooooooo….that ketchup sounds so interesting…. with agave nectar?? Never thought these exist.

    And great morning run!
    do you go to the gym or you run outside (despite the cold weather?)

  2. YAY for the Chobani! I’m addicted 🙂 Strawberry is my favorite flavor so hopefully you’ll like that one too!

  3. awesome run! Can’t wait for the shopping extravaganza! I’m adding everyone that commented on my BSI guest post, and I love your blog, have a great day!

  4. That salad looks so different but so good! Nice order 🙂 I am so jealous of your free Chobanis! Chobani is the best yogurt! Josh and I have been trying to switch it up (because the food store close to our house doesn’t carry Chobani) but we’ve decided we just can’t do without it! Its worth the short trip to whole foods 🙂

  5. Yeah, almost nobody gets enough vitamin D these days unless they work outdoors. And apparently even the RDA is way on the low end of the optimal amount. (Sometimes it’s useful having a husband who studies complex diseases.) I’m not a big supplement person, but I do take extra vitamin D because its nearly impossible to get enough through healthy eating.

  6. I am sooo jealous of your Chobani score! For some reason, my Whole Foods does not carry it and I have been dying to try it 😉

  7. Lotus root? What does that taste like exactly? I always though lotus was just a pretty (but inedible) flower. Ahh my Chobani box of love is gone except for one straggling container that I almost don’t want to eat because they’re so delicious!

  8. Omg agave ketchup! that is sooo cool. And I am not familiar with lotus, either, but that sounds like a very special little dish you ate!!

    I can’t wait to try Chobani!! LOVE FREE FOOD!

    On black friday, I will not be shopping, I’ll be with the boyfriend and old friends from HS…so I’ll probably buy lunch out…and maybe a yummy smelling candle…and a book…and a tee shirt….oh boy.

  9. I LOVE apples. Am totally craving one right now and think I might run out to the store to get one…

    That’s great that you did so well with getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals! I think most of us could stand a little more calcium and a little less sodium in our diets:)

  10. I checked out the Agave Ketchup site and the closest place where I can get it is right next to my favorite Coach outlet…guess it will be an expensive trip :^)

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