I love weekends

This morning was yoga.  My knees are bothering me again when I run – I need to find a nice soft trail!  I’m pretty sure it’s the concrete that’s hard on my knees.  I also walked for an hour during lunch.

I left my camera at home today, so I’m going to skip right to dinner for pictures…  Breakfast was the usual soupy oats but with 2% milk (very nice and creamy) and lunch was a salad with chicken breast and a whole wheat wrap.  Snacks included more wraps with smart balance and several honeycrisp apples.  Nothing unusual.

Dinner was quite delicious:

  • pizza topped with tomato, carrot, red pepper, eggplant, a chopped up veggie dog, and lots of rice cheeze (this was on a whole wheat wrap) – I did have the whole thing.
  • a salad with shredded carrot, the leftover veggie topping that wouldn’t fit on my pizza, cucumber, cheddar cheese, and 1 T olive oil & 2 T vinegar dressing – I gave Bobby a small portion and ate the rest.

And then dessert:

  • peach Chobani (delicious!  I still like blueberry best) with a cup of rice krispies/cheerios, some applesauce, and 1/2 a banana
  • a Braeburn apple (glad these are gone – I don’t like them)
  • a few chips and a Hachiya persimmon

The persimmon was just okay.  I bought this kind (Hachiya) instead of the kind I normally get (Fuyu) and they weren’t ripe.  I’ve heard that you can freeze them and as soon as you unfreeze them they are ripe – and they were, kind of.  They still had that terrible bitterness in a few bites though and I will NOT be buying these again.  If you are interested in trying a persimmon, make sure you get the Fuyu variety.  These can be eaten hard or soft, and are not bitter at all.  They’re just delicious.

Thank you so much for all of the snacking advice!  The main things I’m going to try – drinking tea and water, setting a stop time, and filling up on fruits.  I usually do those things but sometimes I forget and go crazy with nuts, etc…  Thanks again everyone 🙂

What are you excited about for the next week?  I’m so happy it’s almost Thanksgiving! And I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my honey.  We’re both very busy during the week so weekends are especially lovely.

Almost TGIF

Last night I ate half of this muffin and at least a 1/2 cup of unsalted peanuts.  Recently this late-night snacking has become a habit. How can I get out of it? I’m eating a lot during the day but for some reason I just want to munch after dinner, and I don’t want to let it get out of control.  Any tricks or suggestions? I’m hoping that maybe just blogging about it will make me hold myself accountable.

This morning I woke up still full from nut-overload.  I did yoga on my own for about 25 minutes, then spent a liesurely morning packing lunches and cleaning the kitchen.

I got to work and made breakfast – 1/2 cup oats, 1.5 cups water (soupy today), some Chobani vanilla stolen from the Chobani I brought to have with lunch, a whole banana, and some cheerios.  For some reason I was stuffed and wasn’t even hungry when I left for my hour-long lunch walk.  I think it was last night’s nuts still.

Lunch was a delicious fruit salad with the rest of the Chobani vanilla and 1/4 cup of peanuts.  It included an Asian pear, 3-4 clementines, and a banana.  Topped with cinnamon and lemon juice.  I also had a WW wrap on the side.

Snack was two medium honeycrisps and a whole wheat wrap.

For dinner I made a stir-fry topped with organic agave ketchup and had brown rice with it.  I really like brown rice recently.

For dessert I had several things:

  • shared this Strawberry Chobani and rice krispies with Bobby
  • another 1/2 cup rice with 1/2 cup applesauce
  • a few bites of a muffin Bobby was having (unpictured)
  • a few small handfuls of peanuts (unpictured)

I think I did better tonight than last night – I did snack after dinner but not to the extent that I sometimes do!

Have a great night; almost Friday!

Delicious ketchup and Chobani samples!

I got up this morning and almost went back to sleep, but then I got motivated and went for a run3.2 miles in about 30 minutes.  It was relaxing and nice.

I went to work and made another beefed up bowl of oats for breakfast: 1/2 cup oats, little more than 1 cup water, whole banana, 3/4 cup cheerios, 2 tablespoons crushed peanuts.  Very yummy.  I like the cheerios.  I miss the soy milk or yogurt that I usually mix in though (work still hasn’t restocked).

I had a snack of a Braeburn apple before lunch – we were going out and I didn’t want to be starving when we got to the restaurant.  This was an engineering free lunch, so I didn’t pay!  Since we went out, I didn’t get to do my walk – but since I ran this morning I think I got enough exercise today.

We went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant and I got the most amazing saladlotus root with shrimp and pork.  I don’t usually eat pork, but this was divine.  Thinly sliced and very lean.  It came with a sweet fish-sauce dressing.  I also munched on a bunch of bean sprouts dipped in hoisin and chili sauce.

For a snack I had 2 whole wheat wraps dipped in some smart balance.

I had a wonderful nutrition class today – my professor was so impressed with my diet assignment (log 3 days of everything you eat, plug it into FitDay, and get an analysis) that she used it as an example of what everyone should have done!  I was so happy and proud 🙂  If anyone was wondering, the only deficiency that I found when I did the analysis was Vitamin D (I was only getting 3% RDA?!?!) – but I take a supplement that contains Vitamin D, so it’s okay.  I could probably stand to add some calcium and lower my sodium as well, but those weren’t as glaring as the Vitamin D deficiency.

When I got home I had two great packages in the mail – Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup and Chobani Greek Yogurt samples from Tiffany!  I was so excited about both of them that I had to incorporate them into dinner:

  • butternut squash fries with my new amazing Wholemato Organic Agave Ketchup (this plate times 2)
  • a blueberry Chobani
  • a veggie plate with salsa and bbq sauce

The Wholemato ketchup was really incredible.  Jason from Wholemato had a wonderful idea when he thought to use agave as the sweetener.  You can find my review HERE.  Their site is great; check it out – they have recipes and lots of info about agave and all of their ketchup products.

The Chobani blueberry was delicious as well.  I mixed it up and ate the whole thing.  I usually shy away from sweetened yogurt but this was truly scrumptious.  I can’t wait to try the other flavors that Tiffany sent!  There were 8 containers in all. Once I try more I’ll do a big product review of them as well.

After dinner I snacked on another Braeburn apple (unpictured; these are really not my favorite – too starchy) and an unpictured wrap with smart balance.  I’m off to get some work-work done, but I hope you all have a fantastic night.  One week ’til Thanksgiving!

What are you going to buy on Black Friday? We might get a new flatscreen TV. And probably other electronic things that Bobby likes 🙂 I will of course head over to the mall and get some good clothes too.

Good food and a Thanksgiving Challenge update

Bobby was very pleased with the response from yesterday’s post.  He was very nervous!

I got a blog award from Brittany @ Eating Bird Food!  Thank you!

Here are the rules:

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I’m giving this out to:

  1. Divya at Dil Se…
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Sorry if any of you have been awarded already!

I did my usual 20 minutes of yoga this morning before I packed our lunches and headed out.

I wanted to see if I could change up my breakfast routine a bit this morning.  Instead of having an apple on the side, I beefed up my oats.  Unfortunately they were out of both soy milk and yogurt at work and I was unprepared – so I had to just use water in my oats.

  • a little more than 1/2 cup oats, 1 whole banana, a little more than 1 cup water, 2 Tablespoons wheat germ (added at the end), and about 3/4 cup cheerios (added at the end)

It actually help me over really well.  It sounds weird, but sometimes eating that apple on the side just makes me hungrier.  Mid-morning I broke into this peanut butter Zbar:

This flavor is definitely not my favorite.  I don’t think I’ll be buying it again.  I still like the chocolate brownie best.  Before lunch I took my hour-long walk and talked to my dad.  I still wasn’t very hungry when I got back but I broke into my lunch anyway:

  • Flat-out wrap with a veggie dog, sliced apple, and rice cheeze
  • Salad with bacon bits, apple, celery, cucumber, shredded carrot, wheat germ (about 1 T), crushed peanuts (a little more than 1 T), and balsamic vinegar


  • 2 medium pink lady apples
  • 1 honey graham Zbar – I didn’t like this one that much either.  Better than peanut butter, but nowhere near the chocolate brownie or the blueberry.

This snack was so filling.  I didn’t eat dinner until around 8 and it kept me going all through the afternoon and evening!

Dinner was a new creation – grits pizza! I pretty much followed this Pepperoni Polenta Pizza recipe from Self that I got in my inbox the other day.  I subbed grits for polenta, 2 veggie dogs for the pepperoni, and used rice cheeze on my part of the pizza.  It was good!  I ate the extra filling on the side.  I had about double this portion (a little less than half of the whole thing):

The only problem was that I didn’t let the grits cool for long enough, so it was a little mushy – but I like mushy things, so it was all good.

For dessert I had grapes (times 3):

Thanksgiving challenge update – yesterday we spent $29.50 at Milk Pail and $19.99 at Trader Joe’s, which brings our total to $103.54.  We’re getting a bit bored with the cheap food so we splurged this week.  Also, Bobby came with me for shopping which immediately means buying more goodies.  Last night was our night out for the week, and we did manage to make it cheap – we split an entree!  I think we have a leftover meal out to use up from last week too.  We’ve had it kind of easy because my dad treated us a few times when he visited and then Bobby’s parents fed us this whole weekend.  It is definitely possible to spend such a small amount on groceries, but I don’t like feeling so limited all the time.

What is your favorite grocery item to splurge on? I think mine is probably freeze-dried fruit.

EDIT:  I also had a box of raisins (1/4 cup serving) that I had leftover from the plane.  And 1/4 cup of cashews (salted).  I really need to get the unsalted ones.  But I did have a few handfuls of unsalted peanuts!  Sometimes I get these ridiculous nut cravings.  But they’re good for you 🙂  (In moderation, of course.)

Guest blogger – Bobby! (Thanks sweetie)

<begin boyfriend>

Hello everyone! My name is Bobby and I’m the boyfriend. Since Maggie is a bit busy with work-related work I am going to do tonight’s post!

After a much-needed post-travel nap I woke up and found that Maggie had already woken up and was doing yoga. I decided to check some email and when she was done we both decided to go out and get some groceries.

We stopped by Milk Pail and Trader Joe’s and got a lot of food. For those of you keeping up with the Thanksgiving Challenge, Maggie will post some details about that later (probably tomorrow).

After shopping we had dinner at one of my favorite places in Mountain View: Garden Fresh. It’s a vegetarian/vegan Chinese restaurant and take it from me (a non-vegetarian) – it is just amazing! All the entrees are cheap (under 10 dollars) and brown rice is always included.

Maggie and I shared a Grilled Salmon Filet dish.  I think it has been our favorite dish since we started going to this place. The “salmon” is actually made from a tofu/veggie meat and is wrapped on the edges by seaweed, which makes up the “skin”. It was served with a delicious sweet brown sauce with peppers and chestnuts and bamboo shoots. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Both Maggie and I had some brown rice (we had to get another bowl).  Maggie also ordered a house salad and I had a cup of hot & sour soup.

For dessert, Maggie and I had some red grapes that we had bought from Milk Pail.

All in all, it was a very relaxing evening and a nice way to get back into gear after vacationing.

</end boyfriend>

Okay guys, I’m back 🙂  I’ve been a bit busy tonight because I had to miss work today, so I want to thank Bobby for taking over posting responsibilities.  We had a bunch more grapes throughout the night and I feel very satisfied right now.

I haven’t had brown rice in a while and it was nice and filling.  I think I had a little more than a cup (cooked portion).  I also had a large piece of that delicious Salmon Filet that Bobby talked about.  I did have a few more bites of rice and filet out of the takeout box about an hour ago because I was still a little hungry and the grapes weren’t cutting it.  But I’m going to bed now!  I want to get up early to head off to work.

Hope you all had a great Monday – this is the last full week before Thanksgiving!  And thanks for all of the great responses to my board game question.  We’re trying to pick out some of our favorites to buy and those were all great ideas.  Have a great night.