I’m having a love affair with my dessert.

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I got up early to see Bobby off on his business trip (just until tomorrow afternoon).  I ended up doing about 50 minutes of yoga with my extra time, then cleaned up the kitchen and living room a bit.  I love cleaning.  It makes me feel so calm.

When I got to work I made oats – 1/2 cup oats, a whole banana (sliced), a cup of vanilla almond milk, and about a cup of water.  Nice and soupy.  The picture came out all fuzzy, but it looks the same as every other morning oats picture!  I snacked on an (unpictured) apple mid-morning so that I wouldn’t be too hungry at lunch…

Lunch today was free – Engineering lunch!  We went to Garden Fresh, that awesome veggie restaurant in Mountain View.  I got the steamed veggies and tofu with brown rice and a nice sweet brown sauce.  I had about a cup of rice and finished off all of the tofu/veggies.  It also came with a small bowl of veggie/tofu soup.  (These pics aren’t from today; the veggies look pretty much the same but with chunks of tofu instead of fake chicken.)

When we got back to the office I had another (unpictured) apple for dessert.

Lunch and lunch dessert actually filled me up quite a bit, but around 3:15 my office got our weekly Costco delivery and there were delicious apples just staring at me.  So I had one.  Later on I had a chocolate brownie Zbar.

After work I dropped off a book at the library and took a nice 30-minute walk around downtown Mountain View.  I didn’t get in my lunch walk today because of the lunch with coworkers, so this was really refreshing.  I love being outside.

For dinner I had a large stirfry with egg whites (4) and ketchup.  I kept dinner light because I had something really exciting in mind for dessert.  The stirfry included egg whites, 1 apple (small), cabbage, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, a big carrot, mushrooms, and some sesame oil – and lots of seasoning & soy sauce.  That’s organic ketchup on top.

Dessert was a monster.  I had half an apple, a bunch of frozen mango (heated up), a persimmon (fuyu), a little less than 1/2 cup TJ’s high fiber cereal, white chocolate raspberry yogurt (1 cup), whipped cream (more added while eating), and this brand new Pumpkin Pecan Butter (this is 1 tablespoon but I added another later on) from Williams Sonoma.  Heaven!  I could eat this every day for every meal!

I had more frozen mango with whipped cream and Pumpkin Pecan Butter because is was just so freaking good.  I’m curled up on the couch now watching House and I think I might break out my new Real Simple – haven’t read it yet!  Enjoy your night 🙂  Thanks for all of the lovely anniversary wishes.  You guys are so sweet and really brighten my day, so THANK YOU!

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  1. your “monster” looks delicious! did you get your pumpin pecan butter from williams and sonoma? i think i saw it there and really wanted it! i wonder if it tastes like the trader joe’s pumpkin butter

  2. awesome eats!!!!!!! specially the heaven dessert!!!
    Great idea for the stir fry, I’ve never though adding egg whites and apply into it. So, thanks for inspiring me! ^_^

  3. Is it just me or is frozen mango the best thing ever? Seriously.

    Cleaning makes me feel calm, too 🙂 Cleaning and writing down lists/notes to myself. If it’s on paper I don’t have to worry about it as much!

  4. Whipped cream!!!!!!!!!!!! my friend Rachel makes fun of me all the time cause I used to just eat it straight out of the can. I even put it on broccoli once (it was actually not bad 😉 )Pumpkin pecan butter sounds too good to be for real! sigh…. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  5. Don’t you just love Real Simple? I love the design of that magazine. It makes me love it so much more with it having such great content too!

    And yeah for free lunches!

  6. you are right. that dessert is a beast!!! the pumpkin pecan butter looks to die for. i wish there was a williams sonoma near me!!!

  7. the dessert looks incredible!!!
    the pumpkin pecan butter sounds like it would be something that i would LOVE
    hope your weekend is amazing!

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