Lovely day

I had a lovely anniversary day.  I woke up yesterday morning and did 25 minutes of runners’ yoga from

I went to work and made my favorite oats – 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup water, 1 cup soy milk (for extra creaminess), 1 whole banana.  I wanted more creaminess today so I cooked the oats with half of the soy milk instead of adding it all in at the end (so that I could decrease the water).  The banana was bigger than I thought and these held me all the way through my hour-long walk to lunch.

Lunch was a huge salad.  I almost couldn’t fit it in the container – I had to mush everything down.  This included romaine, 1/2 an apple, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, carrot, a whole tomato, a big chunk of tofurkey chopped up, and topped with balsamic vinegar (lots), a scant tablespoon of olive oil, s&p, and oregano!  Lots of stuff.  it was great.

I also had 2 pieces of toast with smart balance.  I put the smart balance on this morning and toasted them before I ate.  Very good.

And I had an apple on the side (unpictured, because I eat so many apples and you all know what they look like).  It was a honeycrisp.  Thanks girls, for getting me hooked on the most expensive apple known to man.

For snack I had another apple and my favorite zbar – chocolate brownie!  I also had a walnut BSI muffin (old pic).

For our anniversary dinner we went to Cheesecake Factory where I got my most favorite salad ever – their humongous vegetable chopped salad.  It had chunks of cheese, asparagus, apple, edamame, beets, green beans, tomato, cucumber, and radicchio.  I asked for Sesame Soy dressing on the side and topped it with fresh ground pepper.  SO GOOD.

I also had a lot of the amazing bread that Cheesecake is famous for… multiply this by at least 4.  I had about 1.5 of those big pieces that come to the table (2 at a time… but we asked for more).  I topped the bread with nice fresh butter.  Both of us are obsessed with the brown bread at Cheesecake factory and we always have to keep asking for more of it.

We shopped for a bit and Bobby bought me some things (pajama pants, a tank top, a bra, goodies at Williams Sonoma – pumpkin towels and pumpkin butter), then we went to Safeway to get materials for sundae making.

I found Vitamuffins!  Well the Vitabrownies anyway.  Bobby and I split a brownie and I topped mine with white chocolate yogurt (1 cup), frozen mango, and lots of whipped cream.   I adore whipped cream.  So much that I had to have more with some additional frozen mango.  This was the best dessert I’ve had in a while!

After dessert I had a few more bites of the brown bread that we brought home from the restaurant.  I think this is my absolute favorite bread.

Bobby’s away on business today and tomorrow so I have no idea what I’m doing tonight.  What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Sooooo lovely, indeed – you two are wonderful 🙂

    Weekend plans = more group projects, more paper-writing… trying to get better, since I’m ill. Hope your weekend will be better than mine!!

  2. I love the Cheesecake Factory! when I went there, it was the first time in my life that I actually couldn’t finish a piece of dessert without feeling like I was going to die =]

    What a nice date! Your salad and dessert look fab!

    I think I might go to a concert or to a movie this weekend. I also have this dance thing this Saturday… Have a lovely weekend (I know it’s only Thursday but I’m hopeful)

  3. Aww that sounds like such a sweet anniversary celebration!! This weekend I am hoping to put a dent in my holiday baking (I make the cookie dough and then freeze it for using closer to the actual day), do some Christmas crafts (ornament making, etc.) and then I have a brunch date with a friend!

  4. it seems a perfect day for the anniversary. I think if two people are in love, whatever they do together is perfect, because the date is the person and not the place, not what you’re doing. So, a normal day, a good eat, and spend more time with the other is the perfect anniversary. From what I can see, you had it perfect!

    weekend plan=buy gifts for my parents and bf.

  5. your food always looks so good. what kind of muffins are those? they look nice and chunky.

    the brown bread at cheesecake factory is amazing!! i love their eggplant sandwich. i am just shocked that you didn’t get their best dish of all: CHEESECAKE!

  6. So glad you had a nice anniversary! I loveee love love Cheesecake Factory’s brown bread…it is so amazingly delicious! Their salads are great too.

    OOH you got Williams Sonoma’s pumpkin butter? I have it and its great!

    Have a good night 🙂

  7. I have ate at the cheesecake factory numerous times but for some reason I don’t think I’ve ever had this infamous bread! I am MISSIN’ OUT!

  8. SOunds like a wonderful anniversary!! You are a very cute couple =)

    And I MISS Safeway!!!! Hehe it was the grocery store I always went to =P

  9. Happy Belated Anniversary!! I’m so glad that you and Bobby enjoyed your day 🙂 Yay for Bobbys!!

    I, too, am obsessed with that brown bread! Seriously – I wish that they SOLD that stuff in the grocery store, but I’ve never been able to replicate it! And CF salads are very yummy – what a fun night!

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