Review of YogaToday

On Sunday night I got a chance to relax for an hour with a video from

The class: “Forward Bending Class” instructed by Neesha.  Advanced level.

My rating: 3/5 stars.


I may be slightly biased here, because of the type of yoga that I normally do.  This video (57 minutes) started out quite slow.  Too slow for my liking.  I like to do more fast-paced yoga that leaves me sweating.  I like the intensity of a smooth flow with shorter holds and a great focus on the breath that creates an almost cardio workout.

This class spent a lot of time describing what the poses were, which was surprising because it was an Advanced class.  I wish that more time had been spent on pointing out common errors that people (especially people that have been practicing a long time) tend to make and how to fix them.

It’s a very visually appealing setting – the instructor and two students practice out in a field on the grass with some pretty trees behind them.

The instructor was very softspoken and even with my speakers on the highest setting there were many times that I couldn’t hear her, or her voice was drowned out by an airplane or the sound of a truck backing up (?!).

Overall I enjoyed my hour of yogatoday, but it wasn’t what I was expecting!  Once I stopped wanting it to be a workout I enjoyed it more.  However, I think I will stick with my audio downloads from – they really push me and make me work for it.  I would definitely try this again when I am in the mood for a very relaxing session though.  It would probably be good for preparing to sleep or to awaken slowly in the morning.

Has anyone else tried YogaToday?  I know Heather has (she recommended that I try it – thanks!!) – what are your thoughts?  Are there more workout-y yoga classes there?  Did I happen to pick one that was slower than usual?  If anyone knows of a more invigorating and intense class/instructor on YogaToday I’d be happy to try it.

Hope you all are enjoying your week!  I do have several recipes and an exciting lunch post lined up, so stay tuned.

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  1. I totally agree with you. When I first started yoga today there were definitely a couple more difficult options. Now they seem to be more slow paced as you metioned. I view it as a good opportunity to stretch and less as a good workout.

    So are yoga downloads more difficult?

  2. hey babylove <3
    I have tried it, as well, and have only enjoyed it because I needed a super stress reducing practice. Not an envigorating flow (my usual)… Like I said though, I ADORED IT <3 It totally relaxed me!

    Heather- Yogadownloads are catered to the individual… They have ALL sorts of flows (from hip opening power vinyasas, to straight up power, to hatha, to shoulder openers (the 40 minute one is MY LOOOOVE), etc. Try it out! I’m sure you’ll LOVE it 🙂

  3. I tried Yogatoday last week too, and I’m agree with you, it’s a little bit slow. Overall not as good as So, I guess if we want a good workout we have to pay some $.

  4. That sounds good if you want to chill out! I don’t love chillin with yoga though, until the very end. So thanks for the review love pie!

  5. Thanks for the review. I’ve never tried YogaToday – or any yoga, for that matter (which I’m sure makes you cringe, haha) – so I need to get on that over winter break. I could always use an extra outlet of relaxation.

    Thanks for the tag back! I’m marking you down for an extra chance to win 🙂

  6. I felt the same way about YogaToday. I am an Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power kind of girl and am used to a very invigorating practice. I tried an advance one and felt that it was very slow and included very few poses. Definitely better for those days when you want a slower paced practice. Nothing beats a real class though…Man do I love yoga!

  7. It depends on which teacher you land on. I’m a subscriber to YogaToday, so I have streaming access to all classes of all levels. If you’re looking at the ‘free class of the week’, then they rotate between five teachers. Each week is a different teacher and different level of class. So it’s the luck of the draw. But if you fall on a class with Adi Amar, that will likely be right up your alley. She does Ashtanga yoga, and boy do you sweat with her! Try one of her Guru level classes. She also has a great series on the Primary Series (one hour focusing on the different sections of the Primary series, but the first part with sun salutes and triconasana etc is the same in each). Those really kick butt…

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