Bento Boxes

On Sunday night I decided to prep some food for Monday’s lunches. I made myself and Bobby bento boxes! The ideas for these boxes were found at that fantastic site called Just Bento that has fabulous ideas for complete bento box lunches, and tons of recipes.

My recipes for these dishes can be found…

My goodies:

  • <1 cup brown rice, and 3 cherry tomatoes from my balcony
  • 1.5 cups carrot kinpira
  • 4 mini meatless burgers with organic ketchup
  • white kimchee (from 99 ranch)
  • an apple

Bobby’s bento:

  • a lot of rice (almost 2 cups probably?)
  • 2 burgers and 2 minis with tonkatsu sauce
  • 1/2 cup carrot kinpira
  • an orange
  • I also gave him 2 vegan trail mix cookies for a treat, which he ate later in the afternoon 🙂

They were so good!  What are your favorite parts of a bento?

And, up later this week… Homemade Lara… balls!  And more bentos, and maybe even some daily eats.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

15 Replies to “Bento Boxes”

  1. Wow, that is too cute! Packing bentos definitely seem fun!
    And I absolutely love tonkatsu sauce, so good! But I can’t seem to find it in Asian grocery stores in my area. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough…

  2. hey! About your lack of wowcow, have you been to yogurt stop on el camino or yumi yogurt in redwood city? They have wowcow 🙂

  3. oh my gosh how adorable! i love bento boxes because in japanese culture, they’re basically the way the mother shows her love to her family, especially when her husband is out at work all day and the kids are at school. each box is like a present – it’s always a surprise what is inside. moms are up at like, 5 AM preparing these.

    your cherry tomatoes are so beautiful and bold!

  4. OMG bento boxes! You totally just made me so incredibly nostalgic! Back in Japan, my mom packed my brother and I lunch boxes EVERY DAY from kindergarten to high school! (Thanks mom!) She would make octopus sausages, rabbit apples, happy face sammies, and all sorts of yummy things! We even had a lunch box that kept everything hot so we could take curry rice to school! I enjoyed your post so much!

  5. I don’t think I’ve had a bento box before other than at a sushi restaurant. Sounds cool to make one for home/on the go.

  6. these bento box looks delicious and practical. I think sometimes when I have leftover in a bento box, I enjoy it more! 😀

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