Back to the grind!


This morning I woke up to do a quickie yoga routine.  I found this new site by an instructor named Eion Finn.  Cool name right?  That link has a bunch of free podcasts ranging from 25 minutes to 1.5 hours.  I have done one 25-minute and I liked it a lot.  It’s not as vigorous as some of the sessions, but it is still a decent workout.  It’s perfect for gently waking up or a nighttime practice.


  • 1 cup of raspberry lowfat yogurt
  • 1 hot vitabrownie
  • (mashed together)
  • 1 apple

After breakfast I went for a walk (1 hour, first finishing my book – Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin – and then on the phone with momma then dada).


  • 2 large plates of Greek salad (with feta): sliced tomatoes, romaine, hot peppers, onions, and other typical Greek salad toppings.
  • No dressing (feta was enough)
  • Apple on the side


  • Another apple (3 for the day…)
  • Warmed Chocolate Brownie Zbar (I think I have Zbars every day.  They are too good.)


After work I did a 1.5 hour Ashtanga yoga class!  I took the same class on Wednesday after work as well.  The teacher is fantastic and I love it.  I might buy a membership to this studio.  For now I just bought 10 classes that expire in a year.  The studio is Yoga is Youthfulness in downtown Mountain View.  My teacher is Mojdeh.  Her main critique of my self-taught yoga was that I need to learn to tame my flexibility.


For dinner I had to cook up a squash that was starting to mold. I cut off the small part that had the mold and baked it up into squash fries.  I made a meal of it, topped with organic ketchup. Bobby had food that I brought home from work today – Greek stuff.


  • 2 apples (is this seriously 5 apples in a day)
  • A couple T of peanut butter.  I think peanut butter will always be my favorite nut butter.  I do enjoy almond butter and I have a gigantic jar in my fridge, but in the end – every time I have PB I reconfirm it as the best.

Like my spoon?  I got it at Crate&Barrel.  I also got a cute blue appetizer spoon.  The bowl is from there too.

Bobby and I are watching Amelie now.  It’s one of our favorites.  I adore French, Italian, and German movies because I speak those languages (at diff levels).

What’s your favorite movie?

19 Replies to “Back to the grind!”

  1. Oh definitely love the spoon! I want a CB near me!
    And great job on the yoga!

    As for my favorite movie? I would say.. hum.. Pursuit of Happyness, or any of those football movies that have those inspirational things in it. I love football movies.

  2. two yoga sessions per day! woooo…. you really like yoga!!! I wish I could do it too, because I enjoy so much!
    crate%barrel always have fantastic products, I need to go to check out the sale!

  3. What a cute spoon!! I’m so glad you loved your yoga class! I’m not sure what kind of squash that was…they’re all so yummy, right?

  4. Love your tiny spoon! Apples+peanut butter is always a win!

    It’s a Wonderful Life is my favorite movie of all time.

    That and Marty with Ernest Borgnine. It’s a 1955 film that is amazing. If anyone has Netflix you can get it from there.

  5. That is a cute spoon 🙂

    I have to say, I love that you eat so many apples because they’re my fav fruit and everyone else seems to obsess over their bananas!!

  6. i DO like that spoon.

    and funny you ask that question b/c i just talked about my fav. movies on my blog. some of my faves are The Pianist, Shawshank Redemption, The Joy Luck Club!

  7. I agree with you – peanut butter will always and forever be my favorite. I love the spoon that it’s on! I love sales, especially at Crate&Barrel!

    I have way too many movies that I love…but you probably know that my current obsession is Twilight 😉

  8. Does the apple/PB combo EVER get old? I say not.

    As soon as you mentioned foreign language movies I thought, oo0o Life is Beautiful! I speak Italian pretty fluently so it’s actually an enjoyable watch. And I loove Amelie.

    p.s. i just started my own blog a few days ago, feel free to take a looksy!

  9. Peanut butter is my favourite, too.

    Megan- Life is Beautiful is my favourite movie of all time!!

    I also have a major thing for The Princess Bride. That story- book and movie- is genius. I mean sure there’s lots of other spectacular books and movies out there (I adore classical Greek lit, to be honest, and clever movies like Coffee and Cigarettes, The Third Man, and Lost in Translation), but I still maintain that The Princess Bride is one of the most amazing stories ever created. I’m such a little girl:)

  10. hi Maggie! yummy looking food… that apple was beautiful! what kind of apples do you like best?

    My favorite movies are

    Sweet Home Alabama
    Pursuit of Happiness
    Dan in real Life (LOVED that movie!!)


  11. I forgot! I loooove peanut butter too, but for my skin and tummy hurting, I stick with almond 95% of the time. BUT… pb is so delish. XOXO

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