A relaxing night & a blog award!

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The lovely Julia @ Santa Barbara Dreaming passed me this sweet award:

Thank you so much Julia!  I love your blog too.  I’m going to pass it on to Andrea @ Bella Eats [And Runs] and Biz @ Biggest Diabetic Loser. These ladies both made some delicious baked goods this weekend (Peppermint Scones and a Panettone!) so go check them out.

For snacks today I had more cinnamon toast, grapes, a persimmon, more grapes, and possibly an apple.  I don’t remember about the apple.

We were going to get Vietnamese for dinner but at the last minute decided to stay in.  I made myself a whole acorn squash (cut into fries) and topped it with organic ketchup.  I also had steamed broccoli with s&p and smart balance.  And a few bites of Bobby’s mac and cheese (unpictured) with veggie ground meat.

After dinner I had 2 apples (this is just one) with lemon juice and cinnamon, microwaved.  We also split a vitabrownie.  These guys are too good.  I should go out and buy more.  Just FYI, I found mine in the frozen section of Safeway if you’re looking.

Okay, I’m off to watch TV and snuggle with my sweetie.  Good night!

27 Replies to “A relaxing night & a blog award!”

  1. your dinner could be my favorite dinner…. a whole acorn squash fries..oh….that makes a perfect meal!!!

    And microwaved apple with lemon juice and cinnamon? have to try that. 😀

  2. i adore vita muffins! if you are interested, check out the baking aisle with boxed cakes and stuff, they have vitamuffins mixes!! They have the chocolate brownie one and I think a fruit one, but I’m not sure what else. The frozen ones are yummy but its fun to add your own things and play around with it 🙂

  3. i’ve had those vitabrownies and they are delicious. they are so moist and dense.

    that squash looks darn good too. have you noticed that organic ketchup tastes so much different than heinz? i just started using organic and it actually tastes like tomatoes. but i guess that’s a good thing haha

  4. mmm i havent had vitamuffins in a while – maybe i need to take advantage of some of the special they are running and order some online 🙂

  5. Congrats on the award! Food looks yummy! I have tried squash fries but I know I would love them! Hope you get to go home and relax soon 😉

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