Carby carbs

That is what Bobby calls them.  He says I need to eat more carby carbs because I am always hungry.  So this week I have been carby-carbing, yoga-ing, and walking.  I have also been slacking on the pictures – but I found some lovely replacements.

For breakfast this morning I had a honey-wheat bagel with smart balance light.  It was toasted and it was delicious.  Very carby.

We got free lunch at work (yay Fridays).  I had an apple (no surprise there), some fruit salad (grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe), some salad (random veggies), and a sandwich.  The sandwich was Turkey & Cranberry – “Alfalfa Sprouts, Mayonnaise, Whole Cranberry Sauce, Roasted Turkey Breast, Green Leaf Lettuce, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Sourdough” (description from Specialty’s website).  Carby carb carbs.

Specialty’s sandwiches are very large.  I would say that half of one is a normal sandwich size.

I had another apple midafternoon, and then a small apple around 5pm.

There were a bunch of sandwiches leftover so I brought some home for Bobby’s and my dinner.  This time I had half of a vegetarian – “Alfalfa Sprouts, Herb, Mayonnaise, Stone Ground Mustard, Swiss, Provolone, Green Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Cucumber, Dill Pickle, Mushroom, Mixed Bell Peppers, Pepperoncini, Avocado, Italian Vinaigrette, Ranch Dressing, Black Pepper” and another half of a Turkey & Cranberry.  The other thing I love about these sandwiches is that they are PACKED with veggies.

Bobby and i split an oatmeal-raisin-chocolate-dipped cookie for dessert.  And to finish off, I had half of a raisin bagel with smart balance!  Such repetitions today!  But Bobby is right – carby carbs fill me up and keep me full for hours.  I’m liking the thick, heavy bread and bagels that I’ve been having.  Maybe it’s the wintery cold weather, or maybe my tastes are changing, or maybe I’m just becoming more relaxed.  What is your favorite “carby carb”?  Mine might just be a honey-wheat bagel.  They are so good!

Have a lovely evening and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. haha my friends and i say Carby carbs tooo! It makes them seem cuter and more fun to eat i think…I’m cravingg carbs too at the moment- i DEF think it’s the cold weather, they just make me WARM- my fave carby carb is bready bread, preferably the HEEL 😀

  2. My favoritey favorite carby carbs would have to be ricey rice, noodly noodles, and bready bread! I think that covers most of themy them.

    I had ramen today for lunch (like real ramen, not the kind that comes in a cup!) and it was amazing.

  3. I think the mix of carbs and protein is the most filling meal.
    Those sandwiches looks amazing!!!!
    Have a nice weekend 😀

  4. Nice to meet you Magpie! My time at the Cornell Pot Shop is more recent, but I am glad to meet you. I am vegan myself, and love this site of yours, so glad you came to my blog! I shall put you on the favorites and visit daily 🙂

  5. haha i am the biggest carby carber in the world – i think i would live on bagels and pasta if i could! i am so jealous of your sammies today – yummo!

  6. Carby-carbs carbs carbs, I LOVE ’em! My favorites: bagels, english muffins, and baguettes 🙂 Nothing else makes me feel full!

  7. bagels, the ultimate carby carb! yup, i think bagels are my favorite carby carb too! i like the ones with oats on top. maybe that is a honey wheat bagel?? =)

  8. Mmm, I love a good turkey and cranberry sandwich! So good. And the big sandwiches stuffed full of veggies are fantastic!

    Yum yum carby carbs. I just had a large cheese scone, mm mm good.

  9. mmm, i love carbys! they happen to be veryyyy good friends of mine 🙂

    and that cookie–anything chocolate-dipped is a winner in my book.

  10. So you’re finding that the carby-carbs are helping with that hunger thing eh? Maybe I should consider upping my carbies too. I crave them much more in the winter and yet I’m probably still lacking a bit there sometimes. I’ll give it a go. I love carby food goodness!

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