My favorite flow

I’m digging this Vinyasa flow right now.  Feel free to follow along.  It takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.  Repeat as you like.

Here’s a nice summary of the typical Vinyasa sequence (plank, to chaturanga – lower down, to up dog, to down dog).  This is power yoga, so get ready to sweat.  And don’t forget to breathe.  I remind you periodically below.  This is broken up into parts to make it easier to read.  Make sure you take at least one full breath in each pose.


  • Standing
  • Flow down to Forward Bend
  • Half-way lift
  • Vinyasa flow (see link above)
  • Right leg lifts, then forward lunge, breathe
  • Back to plank, then your vinyasa flow, and repeat on the left

Next flow.

  • Right leg lifts, then crescent lunge (arms up), breathe
  • Lean forward, arms go to your sides (airplane)
  • Warrior 3, breathe
  • Standing splits, breathe
  • Down to warrior 1
  • Chaturanga and your vinyasa flow, repeat on the left

Next flow.

  • Right leg lifts, then crescent lunge
  • Stand up on right leg, bring your left leg up and bent
  • Straighten the left leg out in front, breathe
  • Cross left leg and put left ankle on right knee – one legged chair pose
  • Back to standing, forward bend, halfway lift, Vinyasa flow, repeat on the left!

Next flow.

  • Right leg up, hold, breathe
  • Knee to nose, hold, breathe, leg back up
  • Knee to outside of right elbow, hold, breathe, leg back up
  • Knee to outside of left elbow, hold, breathe, leg back up
  • Knee to nose, hold, breathe, leg back up, then down dog
  • Vinyasa flow and repeat on the left

Next flow.

  • Right leg up, lunge forward, back foot flat, warrior 1
  • Open to warrior 2
  • Arms over head, then clasp behind your back
  • Bend forward to humble warrior, breathe breathe breathe
  • Vinyasa flow, repeat on the left

Next flow.

  • Right leg up, crescent lunge
  • Straighten legs, nose to knee
  • Alternate bending and straightening front leg, nose to knee
  • Straighten both legs and turn to face the left side
  • Turn legs out, bend your knees, breathe, hands to heart center, hold for a minute, breathing, yes it burns
  • Straighten your legs, hands to waist, fold forward, roll up
  • Back to front of the mat, Vinyasa flow, repeat on the left

Next flow.

  • From down dog, move forward to plank
  • Move to side plank on the left
  • Raise your right leg, hold (optional – you can just stay in side plank)
  • Half pidgeon (right leg is bent) for a rest, breathe here
  • Back to plank, repeat on the right
  • Child’s pose


  • Roll onto your back
  • Boat pose, hold
  • (Optional) – lower and raise your legs 5 times in boat
  • Lay down, knees to chest
  • Straighten left leg, twisting right leg over, look right (shoulders remain on the floor)
  • Repeat stretch on the other side
  • Chavasana (relaxation)

That’s my favorite routine. If you do it quickly you will end up sweating. Use your breath to make this a true workout.  Questions, comments?  What’s your favorite pose?  Mine is humble warrior.

If there’s enough interest I can write out a pose guide for this.  Let me know.

13 Replies to “My favorite flow”

  1. this is SO awesome!! I don’t think it’s hard to follow at all if you’ve done yoga- i just want someone to read it aloud so i can do it 😀 My fave pose is Pigeon (if that is where- one leg is bent at right angle in front of you, back leg stretched straight back??) Or any pose that reaaally stretches your hips!

  2. I LOVE VINYASA ROUTINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As someone who does yoga every single morning, I DEFINITELY would like to see more routines/guides!!

    **My favorite pose = twisting half moon.

  3. I agree with Meghann! You should do a video!

    My favorite pose: I have no shame, it’s child’s pose! But after reading Caroline’s comment I realized that pigeon is a pretty good one too!

  4. carolinebee – yep, that’s it! I love pidgeon too. maybe i’ll make an mp3 🙂

    Danielle – no! but I might think about it. I’m considering getting certified.

  5. Oh man I really want to get into yoga! I think it would be so good for me. I haven’t yet though, so I don’t have a favorite pose- yet!

    *chanting* vide-o! vide-o! 🙂

  6. i manage to sweat during yoga more than cycling class. i think it’s because you have to stay in a pose for a while and it’s uncomfortable. i like the challenge though. my favorite post is corpse pose!!! hehe

  7. Wow! Thanks for sharing!

    Hmm.. as someone who is interested in getting into yoga, how do you recommend I introduce myself to it? Through a gym class, a video, or private session? Thanks 🙂

  8. Love this!!! Vinyasa is my favorite style of yoga…I crave the classes and when I can’t go I enjoy Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga dvd at home. Thanks for sharing!!! I personally love dancer’s pose, and also runner’s pose (as Kest calls it…not sure if it has a more official name) because it releases all the tension in my hips and bootie… 🙂

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