Japanese Bread and Toast

Bobby, Alex (a friend from Bobby’s work), and I went to a place called Verde for dessert tonight.  Dinner was Thai food (papaya salad and fresh spring rolls with fried tofu and a peanut dipping sauce, some curry sauce over white rice).  I left my camera at home so I do not have pictures, but I wanted to talk about Verde.  I’m actually getting the hang of this intuitive, unplanned eating thing.  I had a scone after lunch today because I felt like it, and I was hungry.  And it totally hit the spot.

Anyway, back to dessert. Verde is a boba place (bubble tea).  Bobby and I split a Hot Taro Milk Tea.  It had dark little pearls of tapioca swimming on the bottom and was delicious and so warming.

I was also tempted by the “Taiwan Toast” on the menu, so I ordered a slice of blueberry.  This was a thick (1 inch) slice of white bread, smeared with a lot of margarine (I think?  It didn’t taste quite like butter) and topped with blueberry jam.  There were lovely whole blueberries in the jam and it was so pretty!  I am so sad that I didn’t have my camera.  But I found pictures of this type of bread and wanted to share them.

I always knew this bread to be a Japanese thing, so I’m not sure why they called it Taiwan Toast.  Bobby first introduced it to me this spring.  I’m going to try try try to recreate it soon and I will have real pictures for you, I promise.  In the meantime, I leave you with Bobby’s and my poor translation of the ad on the bread picture:

“Shinpuru is oishi, (simple is delicious)

Shinpuru is anshin, (simple is peace of mind)

Shinpuru is besuto!” (simple is best!)

AND Merry Christmas to all! Can’t wait to see my family in Jersey tomorrow… 😀

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  1. hehe, intuitive *unplanned* eating, imagine that ;D That is awesome and I know I get very excited..have a GREAT Christmas and so much fun with your family!!

  2. merry christmas, my friend. hope you have a good time!! that bread sounds so awesome and really unhealthy, but i don’t care. haha taste is what counts!!

  3. Hi Maggie,
    I’m always disappointed too when I forget to bring my camera … especially for an unplanned trip to a macro or vegan restaurant!!

    I might try a variation of this with olive oil in place of the butter.

    I also like the idea of simplicity. When you have fresh ingredients, this is especially great.

    Have fun with your family. 🙂

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