Happy Weekend!

The first long week after a bunch of short ones is hard!

Thursday night’s snacks:

  • 1 cup TJ’s high fiber cereal
  • 1.5 walnut BSI muffins

I just wanted to share two really sweet posts that I read recently.  This is why I love blogging so much – there are tons of truly inspirational people out there.

  • The first was Madison’s (just found her blog recently) – she reached 100 days of not bingeing!  So fantastic.
  • The second was Angela’s post @ Oh She Glows – she has such positive energy and she wrote about how happiness is contagious.

Yesterday morning I got up and did 2 20-minute yoga sessions – Power Vinyasa Flow #4 and Solar Flow #1.  They are both from yogadownload.com and I hadn’t tried either one before.  Both were great.  I plan on checking out yogatoday.com at some point this weekend so be sure to stop back for a review of that as well.

Breakfast yesterday was something different!  This mix was…

  • 1.25 cups of TJ’s high fiber cereal
  • 1 cup of vanilla almond milk
  • a big banana

I also had the apple, but had to wait almost 2 hours before eating it – the cereal was so filling!  I think it may replace the oats for a while because oats have been failing me recently on the fullness factor.

For lunch I was supposed to have free lunch at work… but by the time I got back from my walk it was all gone!  Instead I grabbed some stuff I happened to have on hand:

  • Chocolate Jocolat bar
  • Dannon yogurt (I don’t really care for these but it was all I had…)
  • an apple (free from work)

Confession: this is the first time I ever had a Larabar!  (Well, Jocolat bar.)  It was decent!  Very very filling.  I think I might prefer my Zbars just because they are more like a cookie/brownie.  But it was still good.  I used to eat the Clif Nectar Bars all the time and I would say those are similar – but I actually prefer the Nectar Bars over this Jocolat bar.

I had another Larabar for a snack – Peanut Butter Cookie!  This one was quite delicious.  I like it better than the Chocolate one.  I love the ingredients: Dates, Peanuts, Salt.  How awesome is that?  I also had an apple on the side.

For dinner we went to Vietnamese (Pho Vi Hoa – best Vietnamese place ever).  Bobby and I shared these two salads:

  • Papaya Salad
  • Lotus Root Salad with Fried tofu

I also had some of his (unpictured) pho, which is beef noodle soup.  I had lots of broth, veggies, and a few bites of the lean beef.  It’s quite delicious.

For dessert I went all out again:

  • 1 chopped apple, 2/3 of a mushy banana
  • lots of whipped cream
  • 1-2 T of pumpkin pecan butter from Williams Sonoma

And I went back for another apple with some whipped cream and a tablespoon of almond butter (unpictured).  I’m kind of sad – I finished the can of whipped cream in 3 days so now I have none.  I’m kind of a whipped cream addict when I get it, so it always goes very quickly.

Happy Saturday!  Today I’m going to do our Christmas cards and I’m SO excited because this is the first year that we’re doing them!  Do you guys send out Christmas cards?

I’m having a love affair with my dessert.

Edited to add: Go check out HangryPants for a great cause – they’re donating 5 cents for every comment left on that post!

I got up early to see Bobby off on his business trip (just until tomorrow afternoon).  I ended up doing about 50 minutes of yoga with my extra time, then cleaned up the kitchen and living room a bit.  I love cleaning.  It makes me feel so calm.

When I got to work I made oats – 1/2 cup oats, a whole banana (sliced), a cup of vanilla almond milk, and about a cup of water.  Nice and soupy.  The picture came out all fuzzy, but it looks the same as every other morning oats picture!  I snacked on an (unpictured) apple mid-morning so that I wouldn’t be too hungry at lunch…

Lunch today was free – Engineering lunch!  We went to Garden Fresh, that awesome veggie restaurant in Mountain View.  I got the steamed veggies and tofu with brown rice and a nice sweet brown sauce.  I had about a cup of rice and finished off all of the tofu/veggies.  It also came with a small bowl of veggie/tofu soup.  (These pics aren’t from today; the veggies look pretty much the same but with chunks of tofu instead of fake chicken.)

When we got back to the office I had another (unpictured) apple for dessert.

Lunch and lunch dessert actually filled me up quite a bit, but around 3:15 my office got our weekly Costco delivery and there were delicious apples just staring at me.  So I had one.  Later on I had a chocolate brownie Zbar.

After work I dropped off a book at the library and took a nice 30-minute walk around downtown Mountain View.  I didn’t get in my lunch walk today because of the lunch with coworkers, so this was really refreshing.  I love being outside.

For dinner I had a large stirfry with egg whites (4) and ketchup.  I kept dinner light because I had something really exciting in mind for dessert.  The stirfry included egg whites, 1 apple (small), cabbage, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, a big carrot, mushrooms, and some sesame oil – and lots of seasoning & soy sauce.  That’s organic ketchup on top.

Dessert was a monster.  I had half an apple, a bunch of frozen mango (heated up), a persimmon (fuyu), a little less than 1/2 cup TJ’s high fiber cereal, white chocolate raspberry yogurt (1 cup), whipped cream (more added while eating), and this brand new Pumpkin Pecan Butter (this is 1 tablespoon but I added another later on) from Williams Sonoma.  Heaven!  I could eat this every day for every meal!

I had more frozen mango with whipped cream and Pumpkin Pecan Butter because is was just so freaking good.  I’m curled up on the couch now watching House and I think I might break out my new Real Simple – haven’t read it yet!  Enjoy your night 🙂  Thanks for all of the lovely anniversary wishes.  You guys are so sweet and really brighten my day, so THANK YOU!

Lovely day

I had a lovely anniversary day.  I woke up yesterday morning and did 25 minutes of runners’ yoga from yogadownload.com.

I went to work and made my favorite oats – 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup water, 1 cup soy milk (for extra creaminess), 1 whole banana.  I wanted more creaminess today so I cooked the oats with half of the soy milk instead of adding it all in at the end (so that I could decrease the water).  The banana was bigger than I thought and these held me all the way through my hour-long walk to lunch.

Lunch was a huge salad.  I almost couldn’t fit it in the container – I had to mush everything down.  This included romaine, 1/2 an apple, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, carrot, a whole tomato, a big chunk of tofurkey chopped up, and topped with balsamic vinegar (lots), a scant tablespoon of olive oil, s&p, and oregano!  Lots of stuff.  it was great.

I also had 2 pieces of toast with smart balance.  I put the smart balance on this morning and toasted them before I ate.  Very good.

And I had an apple on the side (unpictured, because I eat so many apples and you all know what they look like).  It was a honeycrisp.  Thanks girls, for getting me hooked on the most expensive apple known to man.

For snack I had another apple and my favorite zbar – chocolate brownie!  I also had a walnut BSI muffin (old pic).

For our anniversary dinner we went to Cheesecake Factory where I got my most favorite salad ever – their humongous vegetable chopped salad.  It had chunks of cheese, asparagus, apple, edamame, beets, green beans, tomato, cucumber, and radicchio.  I asked for Sesame Soy dressing on the side and topped it with fresh ground pepper.  SO GOOD.

I also had a lot of the amazing bread that Cheesecake is famous for… multiply this by at least 4.  I had about 1.5 of those big pieces that come to the table (2 at a time… but we asked for more).  I topped the bread with nice fresh butter.  Both of us are obsessed with the brown bread at Cheesecake factory and we always have to keep asking for more of it.

We shopped for a bit and Bobby bought me some things (pajama pants, a tank top, a bra, goodies at Williams Sonoma – pumpkin towels and pumpkin butter), then we went to Safeway to get materials for sundae making.

I found Vitamuffins!  Well the Vitabrownies anyway.  Bobby and I split a brownie and I topped mine with white chocolate yogurt (1 cup), frozen mango, and lots of whipped cream.   I adore whipped cream.  So much that I had to have more with some additional frozen mango.  This was the best dessert I’ve had in a while!

After dessert I had a few more bites of the brown bread that we brought home from the restaurant.  I think this is my absolute favorite bread.

Bobby’s away on business today and tomorrow so I have no idea what I’m doing tonight.  What are your weekend plans?

Anniversary Day :)

Today is our anniversary!  3 years 🙂  Still not sure what we’re doing tonight, but I’ll fill you in later…

Review: Cassava Chips

These are really good!  They have double the fiber of normal potato chips.  Bobby got them at Whole Foods and I had to try them.  I’m guessing I had about 1 serving (23 chips is the serving size, 150 calories, 6 grams fat, 2 grams fiber).  No preservatives in these guys either, and 70%+ organic ingredients.

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning I woke up before the alarm and got in a lovely 40 minutes of yoga from yogadownload.com.  Thanks so much Julia for recommending this!  I also got a rec from Heather to check out yogatoday.com, so I’ll let you know what i think of that too.

Breakfast was a standard – 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water plus a splash, and a whole sliced banana.  Add in at the end: 3/4 cup soy milk.

Mid-morning I snacked on an apple, then went for my lunch walk.

Lunch was a sandwich made of 1/4 cup lowfat ricotta and 1.5 tablespoons of olallieberry jam (all out now – I scraped the inside of the jar).

On the side I had a salad – 1/2 an apple (the other half is in Bobby’s lunch), broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, onions, vegan nacho cheese, topped with olive oil and lemon juice.

And an apple on the side (love apples).

Snack was the same as yesterday – a vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt and a BSI muffin, and later another apple.  Bobby and I really like these muffins.  I think there are only 6 left and we started with 16!

Bobby and I went to guitar center to look at things… He’s getting me a piano!

We went out for dinner – the pre-anniversary dinner – to a Thai place called Blue Mango.  We got 3 things and shared them all.

  • Shrimp Papaya Salad
  • Chicken Pad See Ew (thick noodles stirfried with a few veggies) – kind of oily but that didn’t stop me.  So good.
  • Mushroom Mountain (self explanatory name; also had baby corn, bamboo shoots, and tofu)
  • Brown rice

So I was very very full after this meal.  Definitely a splurge.  It certainly was delicious.

Can’t wait until tonight… thanks for all of the lovely suggestions!

New month!

Last night I had this:

And also another BSI muffin.  They are so good.

This morning I did yoga – Vinyasa power flow #3 – from yogadownload.com.  Such a great site.  Let me know if you check it out.

Breakfast at work was 1/2 cup oats, 3/4 cup soy milk, 1 cup water plus a splash, and 1 sliced banana.  The extra milk made it so creamy.

Snack was a Chocolate Brownie Zbar (my favorite).  Then I did my walk.  I finished a book I got from the library on Saturday called The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted: And Other Small Acts of Liberation by Elizabeth Berg.  It’s a bunch of short stories about life and doing what you want and being happy.  It’s really good and I definitely recommend it.

For lunch I made a salad (3/4 apple, 1 tomato, romaine, mushrooms, bacon bits, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and s&p):

And a delicious open-faced sandwich (thinly sliced chicken, vegan nacho cheese, sliced 1/4 of an apple) on this new bread that I got from Trader Joe’s – the brand is Alvarado Street Bakery.  They make great bread.

I had a nice big snack of a BSI muffin, a vanilla chobani, and an apple.  I crumbled up the muffin and stirred it into the yogurt… so good:

And then when I came home I made dinner.  I gave the kelp noodles another try but I still don’t like them.  Tonight I mixed together the kelp noodles, veggies (carrot, tomato, onion), and I chopped up a big chunk of tofurkey.  I topped it with a soy sauce/vinegar/sugar dressing. I had to throw it out.

I also made butternut squash fries again, and due to the kelp noodle failure, I mostly just had the fries with organic ketchup.

For dessert I had 2 small fuyu persimmons and some grapes topped with a little more than 2/3 cup of lowfat ricotta cheese.  I am in love with this stuff.  I crumbled BSI muffins on top.

Bobby’s and my 3 year anniversary is this Wednesday – we still haven’t decided where to go out!  Any suggestions for type of food/cuisine?  What do you guys do to celebrate anniversaries?